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Help, need to trim my quiver.

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I'm going of to college at the University of Rochester next year and its only really possible to take one pair of skis. Currently I own 184 Elan 777, 170 Head xrc sw's, and 176 elan s10's. I'm 6'3 210 and have been skiing my entire life, with some racing involved. I don't think any of the skis I currently own are good all mountain skis for New York skiing, but I could be wrong. So I've been thinking about picking up one pair of stiffer 70-78 waisted boards for skiing in college. Some that came to mind are the Head IM 72, stockli stormrider, dynastar legend 8000, and the apache recon. What I'm looking for in the ski, is excellent carving ability with at least decent capabilities off trail. I like a longer ski and haven't really like the B5 or M11 when I demo'd last season, so I won't be heading in that direction.

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Keep the SWs and add a bump ski.
(One that you can switch to tele as soon as you acclimatize)

PS. I've been talking to skier_j about opening a southern franchise.
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Yeah, the sw's are nice, but from what I've been hearing storage space is in short supply. I really just want to sell my other sticks and use the cash to buy some stormriders, buts thats alot of effort....AT setup, I dunno about that either....man this whole college better be worth it
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I realized I wasn't really clear about what I was asking. I wondering what the skiing is like in the New York area, and what would be the best one ski quiver for someone who loves to ski fast on piste, and is a large agressive skier. I'm really leaning toward stockli stormrider in 186, but I'm wondering if that would be too much ski for me to handle, any insight would be appreciated.

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the stockli is a possibility. I would get a good cross ski that can handle ice
because you'll be seeing quite a bit of it.
Is your S10 a fusion? PM me if you may be selling it.
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I skied in central NY during college. Really no need for a midfat at all. The quiver you have is a good one.
If you pick anything up, make it a shorter radius ski slalom race ski. It'll make the molehills feel a little bigger.
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Take the SW, end of story. You will probably be skiing Bristol, and honestly that would be my ski of choice for that mountain. You won't be getting powder days... or even slightly soft days... plus most of the skiing will be on groomers, or at least on-piste. I usually ski my slaloms when I am free skiing around here, but a sandwich cross ski would do the trick too.
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Yeah, I've checked out some websites for New York ski resorts and it looks somewhat better than michigan but not much. Has anyone skied in both northern NY and northern MI (nubs nob, boyne mountain/highlands)? Can you compare them?

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