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What is your excuse for not skiing today?
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Husband working all day
Bachelorette *function* tonight for a friend.

Wanted to go a couple of days ago, to take advantage of all the new spring snow, but couldn't, for same first two reasons. . .

But I WILL be skiing this coming Friday & Saturday (and maybe Sunday). And I gather that Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday might have some snow in the forecast, which is good, considering the warm temps!
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Worked last night, no one to drive me to ski hill today, plus I'm working tonight so I should sleep but if someone wants to drive...............
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I have to work 10 - 6. AND skied four days and 133,000 feet this past week, so I really need the rest. (Actually, only skied a half day yesterday.)
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Homework today...ski tomorrow!
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the dog ate my skis!:
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$$ and time.Chrisfish
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Skiied Saturday and Sunday last weekend at Okemo
Skiied Saturday and Sunday the weekend before at Killington
Skiied Sunday the weekend before that at Mountain Creek

Needless to say my apartment has turned into a pig stye and I need a weekend off to clean
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I am skiing as we speak (using my Treo to post)
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post a picture!
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Working. Plus I don't have any skis handy.
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I'm going to ski, but not all day. I'm working.
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End of season here, crappy conditions (ribbons of machine made, low angled, grey granular and rocks) plus my son has soccer practice in an hour. Most areas are closed.
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Partner Down!

Tough to deal with a 4 hour ride ahead of you to get to the slopes and your partner sick in bed. . . . . . Tomorrow is another day and if the piste is good . . . Monday is a VacaSkiDay.

The other typical things are:
  • Can't find my underwear to start,
  • Having your partner call you a Jong, :
  • Having had a "Yard Sale" yesterday and no cash to buy the required stuff as it is not warm enough for birthday suite skiing,
  • Poaching OB and getting banned for the season, :
  • Having seen one to many SPOREs at your favorite hill and having enough of it,
  • Knowing that Mashed Potatoes await you!:
  • Having skied between East Fall and Royal Flush and found out it was called Toilet Bowl, so everyone refers to you as 'Doodies' since you've been flushed (Killington insider):
  • Forgetting the gonja, and driving all the way back to get it only to use it the rest of the day . . .
  • Soaking in the rays and avoiding the SNIRT :
  • etc. . . . . .
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I skied yesterday and want to take it easy on my hams. I also try to avoid skiing on the weekends. Plus its my last day off and I need to take care of all the things I avoided taking care of the first three days.
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rain last night, snow today and some rain , colder tonite , back below to 26 0r so , more snow for tommorrow. better day and got stuff going on today
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Torn ACL & MCL. Getting reconstructed in 3 weeks. Be back next season!
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Just 16 days out of my second shoulder surgery!
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It's dumping and blowing 50mph plus (I'm a fair weather skier). Oh and it's Saturday - I don't do Saturdays
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-I'm soooo broke, after buying the skis, and ski outfit this yesr, plus ski tickets.

-I need a ride... (I can't drive due to my disability)

BUT, I'm INTENT on going skiing tonight!!!!:
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I-70, spring breakers, and my skiis are getting some p-tex slopped into their gaping holes
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I am sick as a dog (with the flu). And this is the last weekend that the local hill is opened. Damn. I want to go next weekend to Tremblant, but the long term forecast calls for rain. Double damn.
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I am packing for my trip to Big Mountain, Fernie and Kimberley. Leave tomorrow, return April 4.

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I'm at work - going up next weekend though!

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@Sugarloaf today...
Brought just my 5Stars :.....a few trails skiable early, but as temps rose...the crap just accumulates in small mounds...so much. Boy they sure did a pretty good job on the one trail set aside for the US Nationals' Downhill event held today for Bodie & crew..but in all fairness, the place was mobbed...with lots of race fans. The Ski Team sure didn't have much trouble with the conditions..;-)
It was almost warm enough to go paddlin' somewhere today...
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Skied from 9-4:30 today. Taught 3 hours, got paid for a full day.

Sloppy, sticky snow that formed push piles but you have to ski it or be it.
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I did ski today - the snow was in great shape and it was in the 40s-50s at the base of Mary Jane with bright blue skies. No excuses here.
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Originally Posted by carbonissimo
What is your excuse for not skiing today?
Argh! Sore subject! I overslept right through my alarm. And my alarm wasn't set particularly early. I feel like banging the side of my skull with a ski pole.
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Live 5.5 hours from the closest skiing and conditions are crap at the places open. OTOH, I did go shopping with the wife today:

Come to think of it I should be skiing, so I'm going to haul myself & nephew out to Colorado next Saturday for a week
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Four days at Alta, two at Snowbird, three at Taos and three at Wolf Creek since the 9th of March... Now I must get caught up at work. :
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