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atomic r11:20

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To R11 skiers: I just bought last years R11's on sale. Does any one have feedback on the R11's performance in powder? Do they float pretty well?
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Great powder ski, I've logged a ton of days on them at Fernie.
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Althoug they are not a true powder ski like the R:ex they are ok. Pretty sweet ski as long as you dont have to put the atomic binding on.

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Definitly can hold their own, although I use them as an all mountain ski and have powder boards too.
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they are like 70mm in the middle. So they are not a pow ski at all. pow is 90+.
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Noone ever said that the R11 was a Powder Ski. They said it proforms pretty good in Powder for a ski with a 70mm waist. Lets face it getting real Powder is a rare thing. Most major resorts are skied out in a day. Sure if you are a local you may have a stash or two hidden in the trees. Not everone can afford 2 or 3 pair of skis.A ski like the R11 is a fine all around ski. IMHO they are an excellent ski for a one ski quiver. Great in crud Ok in bumps a blast on groomers and fine in Boot top Powder. I took mine out the other day in about a foot pluse of vary light powder. I wanted to see how they would proform. Sure the Rex is better in deeper snow, but the R11 was still a fun ride.
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I am not saying R11 isn't fun. I used to have it. And I used to have the REX too. Both are fun.
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oh descender, you poor soul...

a "powder ski" is whatever you ride in the fluff. it's definitely not limited to a particular waist dimension, nor a particular range of waist dimensions.

ask your grandparents about Sylvain Saudain and his extreme French Alps exploits on old pencil skis.

bwaaah hah hah hah

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Good point Gonzo, it seems that the skiing public of today forget that we used to ski the freshies on straights that you couldn't even get into most cars.
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Given the current gear that is out there, a "powder ski", as defined by both the marketing hype and the functional use of the tool, is something 90mm+. In fact most are like 100+. I am not a super-rad-youngin and I used to ski pow on my Rosi 4S slalom planks and I know that is fun and possible. Just that now, given the current equipment, you cannot call R:11 or R:Ex a powder ski. That is like calling a honda accord an SUV. Just cause you can ski pow on a skinny ski doesn't make the ski a pow ski, it makes the skier able to ski powder. I used to justify my skinny planks as better for the "regular" days, but fact is I was wrong. I see that now.
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To be accurate the R-11 is considered a midfat ski (anything 70mm and over up to about 80mm) and is quite good in the powder (I have over 50 days on my second pair) and definitely more versatile than somehting at 90mm waist. Obviously wider is better in pow but only a few years ago skis with a 70mm waist were considered only fair performers on hard snow and now it is the average width of most all skis excluding race specific skis.
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I got my wife last years R11.20 in a 170 and she loves them.
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