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Utah in late April?

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forgive what may seem to the veterans a silly question, but I'm thinking of sneaking out for a few days with my son during his school break in late April (around the 20th) to catch last legs of Spring Skiing (Snowbird will be open). Generally speaking, will the weather have warmed the slopes such that by then Utah's famous dry powder is about as wet as anything in the east, and have lost its special attributes? (will there be Pow?)
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Impossible to say. Spring skiing ain't too bad though. April 17 last year I woke up to a 3 foot dump so who knows.
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March is usually a very snow filled mouth. So far we have seen one of the best Marches in a few years. April can also have it's share of powder days. Even if you don't get Powder on your visit. You could get one of the real spring treats. Corn snow! This year could yield an excellent crop of sweet spring corn.
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