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Skiing Accessory Equipment Must Haves . . .

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I wanted to start a thread on Ski Equipment Accessories . . . the things you ski with that you must have.

In today's world we all ski and have a great time. And a great time can be defined by what you do when you ski and/or during/in-between the runs. It always used to be the waist pouch filled with lip balm , goggle defogger cloth :, cool sun glasses : for warm spring like conditions, etc.

Then technology came on board and we started with the portable electronics. Like the hand held walkie talkies . . . you know the big bulky ones that barley made it through a day of skiing before they broke! Or the pre-Walkman radios . . . . all the way to the current day ipod's and MP3 players to cell phones and cameras.

I currently carry most of the waist belt stuff in my ski jacket and then some . . . A camera, and a Cell phone.

What do you carry with you and where & how do you carry the bulk? What items do you carry that you feel are cutting edge?!?! I'm Looking for some good Ideas and cool stuff!
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Depends where I'm skiing.

If I'm somewhere where it's a pain to get to the bottom then back to the goods, such as a large western destination resort, I ski with a backpack and have extra gloves, socks, goggles, ski lock, sunscreen, maybe some food, a skull cap for under my helmet if I'm not wearing it, my glove liners if I'm not wearing them, etc.

If I'm skiing at a little day area, I leave my pack in the lodge, and carry my wallet and keys. Also in my pockets, you'll find some loose change, some lip balm, and not much else. Sometimes I'll have my cell phone, but not too often. Oh yeah, my ski strap.

I keep my keys in my left ski pants pocket, wallet and change in left jacket breast pocket. Rx glasses in my inside left jacket pocket, cell phone (if) in my right jacket breast pocket and ski strap in my right pants pocket. Gotta even the load!

If I'm teaching, I have my wallet so that I can get some food if necessary. Sometimes not even that. Just some cash in a pocket. I also might have my lip balm and a small scraper to scrape built-up snow off students boots. Oh yeah, and a pen and business cards.
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I usually ski with a waist pack, as it just provides more space into which to stuff things. I carry on me my cat tracks (left hand-warmer pocket on my jacket), wallet and keys (buried on an inside pocket somewhere, depending on what layers I have on), my ski lock and MP3 player (in a top chest pocket on my jacket). My fanny pack usually has a water bottle, camera, balaclava, glove liners, sunscreen and lip balm.
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Extra socks
Cal/mag/zinc (Sport Legs)
"after ski" socks

Are things that are always in my Transpack.
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in my coat pockets.
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I like to bring usually in my jacket (that has two HUGE mesh pockets in it) or sometimes in a backpack-

*Cell phone
*Lip balm
*basic tool
iPod (If I'm alone)
Extra goggles (usually for night skiing)
Extra gloves
Extra layer (usually a fleece)
Sports drink
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M1911/Bianchi pancake/hollows
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Originally Posted by Cousin Johnny Sax
I wanted to start a thread on Ski Equipment Accessories . . . the things you ski with that you must have.
Almost always:


Walkie-talkie (if I have someone to talk to)
Cell phone (if someone might be trying to get me for legitimate work reasons)
Little screwdriver tool with changeable bits
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Cool Things . . . . !?

Interesting how this thread is progressing. I was thinking of things more like the new handheld walkie talkies that have a range of 10+ miles. Or a helmet mounted camera. . . . . :

This year I've been skiing with the extra load of a Canon S500 camera http://consumer.usa.canon.com/ir/controller?act=ModelDetailAct&fcategoryid=145&mode lid=9825

and my Nextel i870 Camera cell phone http://nextelonline.nextel.com/NASAp.../DisplayPhones

Both are not too heavy individually but together they do add up and weight you down amongst the other normal items carried . The Camera is great to take some of the most amazing fairly high-rez. photos and videos. I have recently spent more time videoing Friends and family during my rest periods on the slopes than anything else.

The phone is pretty obvious for communications, with the walkie talkie feature that works anywhere and the phone for business calls, working out mountain logistics with others, and of course to have for emergency situations. The new feature of video and camera built into the phone enables me to send e-mails to others while on the mountain, of whatever comes up. It's a great way to document your day to someone as it is happening . . . and then of course you get the follow-on calls from those e-mails attached with the low rez. videos and pictures.

One thing that I kept having to deal with is that the cold on the phone battery keeps knocking the charge down quickly, and that sucks!: So I found a portable battery charger, ChargeToGo http://www.gothamcityent.com and recharged my phone back up while still on the slopes skiing and using the cell-phone. Very cool item.

I also found a hands free microphone to connect to the cell-phone so that the battery on the cell phone stayed deep inside my jacket where it is warm and the ear-bud connects to a blue tube that runs down to the microphone inside my jacket where the mic and speaker system is protected from the wind and cold, to provide excellent sound quality for both people talking. This whole set up kept my battery warm and running longer as well as indefinitely with the charger.

Yeah, . . . at the risk of sounding really geekish, this was actually a fun thing to do while skiing really hard or just cruizin at the same time.:
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Cousin Johnny Sax,
My cell always seems to die quickly in the cold.
Went to the site for the charger.
Thanks for the tip.
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I always ski with a 2 liter Pepsi bottle in my lower leg pocket.

Oops, wrong thread.
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exactly the opposite

With my pack in the lodge no more than five or ten minutes away, I carry as little as possible.

A couple of mini candy bars and a few life savers to kill "instant thirsties".

Lip balm, a small pocket comb (if ice is on students ski bottoms) and a few napkins.

Too much risk of injury in a fall from impacting on things like phones, goggles, and all of the other stuff + range of motion from stuffed pockets. I lost my rubber pens last year (for incident reports) ..... puncture hazard in a fall ...

My pack has the tools and spare gloves and goggle or spare lenses, Advil, Tums, band aids, speed wax, neck gaiter ....
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I go light. I put a few things in my pocket:

lip balm, keys, wallet, tissues, Leatherman, helmet plugs, Motorolla radio, cell phone, iPod, PDA, digital camera, power bar, power drink, collapsible binoculars, GPS unit on my wrist, extra goggles, extra sunglasses, sun block, transponder, probe, shovel, change of underwear, folding chair, tent, bug juice, sleeping pad and bag, wheelbarrow for the BS.
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the wallet

Never ski with a wallet .... the wallet stays in the drawer from October through April. Another big lump to lose and or fall on.

Two nice sticky wide rubber bands to hold together the Drivers License and registration and a few credit cards + the med/insurance card and a bit of cash. It's roughly half the volume of a billfold.

The sticky rubber bands keep the wad compact as possible and the rubber makes it hard for it to slip or squirm out of a pocket.
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Energy bars
Cell phone w/ ski patrol #
Goggle cleaning cloth
Lip stuff

Oh yeah Trojans and Disco Biscuits for Apre ski!:
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all the above and
McDonald's Egg and Stake on Bagle, its less than $3, but that beats $8 hamberger at the resort. It will be cold, I am used to it. Never leave home without it.
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Originally Posted by LordHedgie
I always ski with a 2 liter Pepsi bottle in my lower leg pocket.

Oops, wrong thread.
I think I love you!
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Side-country and backcountry....Beacon, shovel, probe, radio, phone, skins, water, food, sunscreen, inclinometer, compass, maybe a GPS, camera, pocket clutter. It kind of adds up.
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When I ski,

I keep a backpack in the car (a locker when by myself) with extra gloves, 2 lemon lime gateraids, advil, a sweater, extra neck warmer, if i'm not wearing them to the hill i bring my under armor long johns and long sleeve shirt, oh and a bottle of coke.

On my person i have lip balm in one of my outer zip jacket pockets, my keys and ski strap in the other outer zip pocket. When im on call I have the pager clipped to the belt of Ski pants (but thats only sometimes), Cell phone turned off but accesible in a little pocket of my inside jacket pocket, when by myself I have my Rca Lyra MP3 player and with my Wife my Motorola 2 Way radio in my Inside jacket pocket.
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What do you folks carry in your sixth pocket?
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Originally Posted by vlad
M1911/Bianchi pancake/hollows
Wow, I guess Mountain Creek really has gone downhill.
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz
What do you folks carry in your sixth pocket?
gin and tonic
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For me, by far the most important accessory is one I don't even carry. I bought battery-powered boot warmers for my wife before the start of this season and it may be the best money I've ever spent in my life.

Other than that, I carry the usual stuff of money, keys, cell phone, sunglasses, etc. I do make a point of always using the same pocket for the various items since it makes it easier for me to keep track of stuff.
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Two great things to have are:

-Hand feet warmers. You can buy a case of em for cheap.
-Gloves with removable (washable) liners.
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lip balm, keys, wallet, cell phone, slim jims, gum, life savers all in jacket.If I carry a back pack I also carry extra socks, gloves, hat, hand warmers, bottle of water and a granola bar.
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Anytime I am out of bounds I make sure there are an extra pair of gloves in my pack. I took a glove off once and had it blow away which left me with only a glove liner on one hand until I reached the car. Could have been a very serious situation.
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cash card, i.d. map of ski area i am at.small phone
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In my fanny pack, I have a wax scraper, small bars of three varieties of various temperature Holmenkol (just in case I messed up on my choice of wax!: ), sun screen, tissues, Band aids, and chocolate.

I've been going without my fanny pack, leaving it in the car nowadays. I'm enjoying the lightness! I carry candies, chocolate, my wallet with medical insurance cards and my ID, in my pockets.

I have a skiing wallet (a light, thin one with just cash, medical insurance and ID), and a regular wallet (a bigger one with all sorts of cr#p in it)

It's very interesting to see what everyone else carries .
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I ski alot @ Deer Valley so I just carry my AmEx.:
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