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How much do YOU want to know? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Measure and store your maximum speed and avarage speed of a run. With altimeter, barometer, compass, watch, skichrono and PC interface.

Suunto S6 is a new wristop computer especially designed for alpine skiing and snowboarding. It offers a unique combination of three functional dimensions: it gives the user essential information instantly when riding on and off pistes. A level of deeper understanding comes with the PC interface. It also opens a door to an Internet community where skiers and snowboarders worldwide can share and acquire information with and from other users of Suunto┬┤s latest wristop computer generation.
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I have one.

It's amazing to see how much time you actually spend standing still or riding the lift versus decending the mountain.

To measure your average speed you need to hit a button, go, and then hit a button when you are done.

Not sure how accurate that will be if it takes you 5-10 seconds to get your gloves off before and after the run.

It's mostly a toy for me as I hate wearing my nice watch to ski and I hate carrying a crappy watch in my pocket so it solves my problem.
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I bought this baby for riding my bicycle, but it does double duty for skiing and snowboarding as well. I haven't skied with it yet, but I will Saturday.

I did not buy the Postal Service version, it was a bit too colorful for my tastes:

HAC 4 Plus

(Heart Rate Monitor, Altimeter, Cyclometer)

Heart Rate Monitor Functions:
Current Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate, Maximum HR
Upper and Lower Limits (2 Ranges Available)
Heart Rate Limit Storage
Recovery Heart Rate
Heart Rate Bar Graph
Acoustic Signal
Automatic Heart Rate / Time Manager
Heart Rate Comparison

Altimeter Functions:
Current Altitude
Home Altitude Storage
Daily and Total Cumulative Altitude
Current, Average, and Maximum Rise / Speed
Number of Ascents and Descents

Bike Functions:
Current Speed, Average, and Maximum Speed
Auto Start / Stop
Daily and Total Trip Distance
Daily and Total Ride Time
Time / Distance Comparison
Current, Average, and Maximum Rise / Descent %
Current, Average, and Maximum Wattage Output
Cadence Kit Compatible (Available Separately)

Watch Functions:
Time, Date, Stopwatch, Alarm
Countdowns (2)
Intermediate Split Times
64 Laps

Other Functions:
Night Light
Temperature (Current, Average, Maximum)
Skier / Snowboarder Speed (Current, Average, Maximum)
64 Hours Storage
PC Compatible
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