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Any change '05 to '06 Sugars?

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Does anyone here know for certain if there were any changes, save for cosmetic ones, to the Sugar Daddy from '05 to '06. I loved the '06s that I tried and SJ said in the other thread that the older models were the cause of their reputation for being stiff, so I don't want to stumble into a mistake.

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Ok the reason this thread came about is because I am looking at 153 sugars for my daughter and read Mom's good review of them and her and my daughter are similar sized. I pointed out a deal for her on the 2005's and she pointed out that they were not the same. But I have read from a few sources that the difference between the 2005 and 2006 model is purely cosmetic. I know the 2004 and before were pretty burely but thats not the topic at hand.
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Don't know for sure....but fondling them the '06s felt noticeably softer...

...as long as you stick with the '05s I bet you are fine...I've never heard of anyone who has skied them say they were too stiff or hard to manage...

...with the '04's the hostage plate and necessary atomic binding add a fair amount of weight and it's possible the plate stiffens the ski up even more so maybe stay away from that model year.
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same shape, diff flex (softer tip?)
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Ok I cant find the link right now, but you know the sight that reviews all the skis, Snowrental? Well the blonde California looking like guy on their reviewed the 2006 and said that there is no difference between the two models except for cosmetic differences.
I had also linked a conversation on TGR to Mom where they said the same thing. This is important since the 2006 are 400 bucks and the 2005 are 250....

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Just demoed this ski a couple of weeks ago on a big powder day. The store owner had the "new" Daddy and said it is less stiff than before. This guy only has Atomics and one other ski in his store, so he knows his stuff. I tested the flex in the store, and indeed they were not too stiff. On the mountain they were superb, both at bashing crud and being able to respond to my moves on harder snow and in trees without a problem.
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Oh yeah...fyi - I'm pretty sure the sugar is the same ski as the tele-daddy which have been floating around VERY cheap (especially in short sizes).
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It appears we have some information conflicts here. I will post two sources when I get home that state the two skis are the same less cosmetic differences. The real problem is because of the conflicting statements unless Mr Atomic(whoever that is) comes on this thread to resolve the situation I am not sure what to believe.
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here is one link, notice the comment about the redesign, last year
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Sierra Jim says there are 'unpublished running changes' in the '06 that makes a slightly softer forebody. I've made this mistake before. Told by the rep there were only cosmetic changes to the ski i'd demoed from the previous year. bought the last year's models and found out it was not so. They are fine skis, but the newer ones were different. Soooo, I am going to hold out for the '06s.

Thanks all!

PS Alfonse: the link didn't show up for me, but appreciate your efforts. Hope your daughter likes hers!
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I am not an Atomic expert, but I thought the ski I just demoed was a different color from the one I see in on-line reviews (mostly from last year).
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