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Boot Alignment in NE

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Can anyone suggest a good boot fitter in the NE area?

My wife has a heal that she wants to get more snug and I want my canting adjusted by a professional.

We already have custom footbeds so we just need some tweaking from someone who knows what they are doing.

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This site should help you find good bootfitter.
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Thanks for the links.

I am friends with the owner of Ski Shop and have purchased alot of equipment for them but they do not do in dept boot fittings.

I actually got my custom footbeds from Geoff but I want to go to a shop that measures angles and adjusts canting.

There is a guy in MA that I found using the site BobasEB posted and I already spoke to him and may go there in a few weeks.

He sounds like he knows what he is talking about.
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I'd highly recommend Inner Bootworks on the access road up at Stowe (right next to the Matterhorn). They have been great at modifying my boots over the years. Only a 3 hour drive from here too. Go spend a weekend in Burlington and make an afternoon out of it.
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Try Green Mountain Orthotic Lab
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For alignment issues, another recommendation is Stan and Dan's in North Conway, NH. They grind soles too.
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Sweet, thanks for all the replies.

Maybe I will head up to VT during foliage season.
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Try getting in touch with Godon Trey at Bob Smith's on Comm. Ave
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If you're in the Killington area, stop in to the Basin Ski Shop and ask for Ray Garrett. I've had trouble with footbeds in the past, and Ray is the only guy I've ever been to who has been able to get mine right the first time, and I'm on my second pair that he's done for me. I know of racers that are actually sponsered by other shops that will only go to him to get their boots worked on. He may not be there till after Columbus Day though, so call in advance.
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I'll second both Inner Bootworks and GMOL. I've found though, that it's not as simple as walking into the shop and saying "align me". You need to experiment on snow so that you can say "grind my left boot 2 degrees" or whatever. You do this by putting canting strips under your boots and adding or removing until they feel right. The shop can guide you in doing this, but you have to get on snow for it to work. Therefore, I'd say to come a little later (although, your wifes boots could get fixed up when there is no snow). Might I suggest coming up the day before ESA and doing it then? You'd be able to experiment on Friday, have your coaches evaluate on Saturday, and have Benny grind Saturday night. It is called the Eastern Tune-up afterall. Why not tune up both your gear and your skiing?
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Go to Bob Smith's, Comm Ave in Boston. Gordon is the man, he knows how to build beds and how to tear up the slopes.
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