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Stowe Bumps Contest

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does anybody have any info on the Mount Mansfield Ski Patrol bumps contest? It's this sunday. I was wondering info like what trail they're using, how many jumps, whether the bumps are "natural" or if they're manmade, registration costs, and the level of the participants.

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Last year it was on Liftline on natural bumps. I assume the same for this year.
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Sunday, MMSP Bump Contest – The Mt. Mansfield Ski Patrol Bumps Contest will test your speed, style and technical moves in the bumps. Open to skiers, riders, and telemarkers of all ages. All proceeds go to the Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation. Register in the Mansfield Base Lodge beginning at 8:30am. Event begins at 11am. Entry fee is $15 per athlete. A lift ticket or pass is also required to participate
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