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I am going to Utah

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Oh the advantages of being young, irresponsiable, and with alittle bit of money.

I am going to be leaving in about 2 weeks and staying till the end of May. The house I will be staying in is in Sandy. Average age of house mates 23(haha). Hopefully will be gainfully employed as an instructor by Snowbird but I am going out regardless of employment right now. 500 dollar spring pass will be the deal if they dont hire me.

This will be my first vist out west, and I get to do it for 2 months. I am so excited right now. BTW I will probably get in 125 days this year when its all said and done. With a 8 month long season Oct-May.

I will make sure to take tons of videos and Pics.

BTW to anyone that is that area PM me and I ll give you my cell phone.
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Have a great time. I don't know, but if I had to guess, I would say they are probably not hiring instructors anymore? I'd think that the tail end of the season would see a pretty dramatic decline in lesson requests. For what sounds like pretty cheap money, I'd just go for the pass and ski your brains out!
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Becareful, you might do something really silly, like decide to stay. The summer is ALMOST as fun as the winter out here...

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Be sure to have a nice long visit with all your friends and family in PA. You may not see them for a looong time! Have fun.
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Here I thought they shifted IDOL final to Utah.. Have fun.. FnA man
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Hey Bushwacker have fun!!! Planning on going to the springs this weekend for my last hurrahh for this year . Wish we could have made some turns together. Some other time maybe.

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Have a great time man, I am moving out there in October. After 6 years of traveling to Utah every winter I decided I just might as well move. PM and I will show you my favorite spots.
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So you want to be a SKI BUM.
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Envy, envy, I hate you. Have fun and don't forget to write. You're gonna love Alta/Bird.
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