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Head XRC

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Has anyone had a chance to ski on these? If so, do we have any thoughts on ski length. I am a west coast instructor looking to expand my quiver. I am torn between a 172 or a 180. The dimensions are 110/66/97, with radius of 15.
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I have this ski and ski it in a 172cm . I am 6'1" and weight 225. I primarily use them on midwest hills of about 480 ft vert. This size is great when I'm working with instructors at varing speeds and turn shapes. If these were my only skiis for all moutains I probably wouls buy the 180.
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I am 5'11", 163lbs and ski the iXRC in a 172. I use them for medium turns going fast on hard snow days in Colorado. They also make good short turns and pretty good long turns. I demo'ed most of the "cross" type skis earlier in the year and the IXRCs were my favorite. I also liked the Atomic SX11 in a 170cm and the K2 xt in a 174cm.
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