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04/05 vs 05/06

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A couple questions on Look bindings:

1. Is there a differences between Look P12 bindings 04/05 to 05/06?
2. What the differnece between the Jib and the Pivots?
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um the jip is a pivot, it is a special edition of the bindings to suit the topsheet of the TM
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There is a big difference between the 04/05's and the 05/06's the 04's have the axial heal piece. This is a proven design that allows for great elasticity ( I have pulled the heal of my boot about 3/4 of inch out on tricky landings the binding pulls the boot right back into place) and durability. The 05 pulled the axial heal piece mostly to lower production costs. If you look at the heal piece it is missing the side bars that helped maintain boot position, it has been theorized that the 05's have more heal breaks because the boot has a increased ability to move around in the heal piece. Frankly if you ride park buy the 04/05's there cheaper and a better product. If you ride groomers, who cares, by some markers or something. By the way flat mount them for park riding
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Thxs, that just help a lot!
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