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Post Ski Set-ups here!!

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Volkl Race Tiger '06 (GS)
Atomic SLII (SL)
Marker with marker face plate on the race tigers
Atomic NEOX on SLII's
Nordica Doberman
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Welcome to the forum....

Lightning Sweet Dad's w/ Salomon S900
Volkl 724 Pro / Salomon S912
The Ski / Marker 1200
Atomic M9 / Neox 412
Volant Platinums / S900
07 Atomic M11 B5 / Neox 412
Volant FB /S900 (in transit going bye-bye)

Dalbello Krypton Pro
Raichle Flexon Comp
Both with thermo liners

That is what I have mounted at this moment , it could change at any time. I have some that are not mounted.
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Board: Volkl Renntiger SL 163
Bindings: Snowpro Race X Fritschi
Boots: Raichle Flexon Comp/DH tongues/Thermofit liners/Bota unweighted cork footbeds
Braces: CTI, R: '87, L: '92
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My ski set-ups are in my profile. Currently I don't have a GS ski, I'm waiting until next season to buy a new pair.
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Short turns: '04-05 165-cm Fischer WC SC with FR12 bindings.
Long turns: antique 208-cm Kästle RX National Team SG with all-metal Tyrolia 490.
Boots: Salomon Crossmax 10
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skis: Stockli Laser SL 06 156 + VIST RI Ti plate/Vist 311 Light bind.
Stockli Laser SC 03 158 + Marker Piston
Head Supershape CP 13 i. with Tyrolia plate ( not mounted yet ) 160 cm
Various older equip.
Boots : Head WC TI R 103
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Ski in use this year : '05 Dynastar SkiCross 10 - 186cm with Look P12
Stored... : Rossi Bandit XX (used once this season) + An old Dynastar Course.
Need to buy a mid-fat all rounder for the next season.
Boots : Rossignol Freerides. Are getting realy packed now.
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Rossi WC SL 158 - rock skis
Head WC iSL 166
Fischer WC RC 175
K2 Public Enemies 179
Rossi 9X 'snub nose' 181
Head iM 103s 183

Dobie WC 150 -too stiff
Head WC 103 -too wide
Head XRC plug -good race boot

Tecnica Diablo Fire- hopefully my 07 all mtn,everyday boot- to be built this summer

Bindings:Look PX/Pivots
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Head WC i.GS RD - 170cm with tyrolia FF+10D
Salomon 1080 - 171cm with salomon 912ti
Atomic 9.16 SL race stock - 155cm with atomic 614 race
Head Madtrix - 163cm with rotating system plate and tyrolia madflex bindings
Salomon equipe DH - 207cm unmounted

Head WC ti M103R
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Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel 178
Binding: Marker Piston w/ X-Balance

Stockli Snake 170
Binding: Look P12

Volkl Vertigo Motion 177
Binding: Marker Motion 1200

Dalbello Krypton Pro
Salomon X-Wave 8
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mchase 83, you have my dream skis, Salomon Equip. Unmounted??

Head Mpulse

Head Edge

Kerma (about 25 years old!! )


I have a pair of straight skis: , Rosignol Series 3 with Salomon bindings, never used!! just sitting in the living room, all abandoned!!
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Atomic SL 11 -164 cm Atomic Binding
Atomic SXB5 - 174 cm Neox Binding
Atomic Metron X1- 162 cm - bindings now on the SXB5
K2 XP -174 cm Marker 1200 Piston
Volant FB- 174 cm Marker 1200

Atomic R10
Dalbello V Pro
Head World Cup

Smith Poles

Some skis going to the Fall Tent Sale Couldn't sell the Metrons for $200 unmounted

I'm very tempted next year by the new Rossi ski with the arms that can be changed.
Somebody help me before I do something stupid . I got the SL 11 (barely used), SXB5, and FB'S for a grand total of $615.

The other stuff I was able to get through a retail barter association my wife belongs to. So, I am not spending alot of money thank God.
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Always a work in progress but as of now...

186 Head iM85s w/ FX12 Railflex (I now hate these bindings )
184 Atomic R:ex w/ 914s (don't really use since I like the Head's mo better)
186 Legend Pro w/ Axial 140s
188 PM Gear Bro w/ Freerides
Atomic Big Daddy w/ 977 Equipes

3 pair of Nordica Grand Prix R (I stick with what works)
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Armada Ar5's with p12 jib true center mount (flat mounted)
Armada Jp vs Julien with p18 -2 (flat mounted)
1998 Salomon 1080's with 912ti true center ( the first twin tip)
Armada Ant with P18
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Head i.sl RD 161
Head i.gs RD 180
Salomon GS Lab 180 (possibly for sale)
Salomon SL Lab 165 (ready for the graveyard)
Atomic SL11 164 (rockers)
Atomic GS11 186 (will trade for some SG's)
Dynastar Concept Pro 178

Tyrolia FF17
Salomon s916 ZZ Lab
Atomic Race 614
Rossi Axial 140

Atomic RT CS
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Blizzard Titan Nine 181-Naxo 21/Look P12?
PM Gear BRO 179 Stiff-??havent been mounted yet
Armada AR5 170-Look P12 Jib
Volkl 724 EXP 170-Marker 12.0
Rossignol B3 178-Tyrolia Mojo 11
Atomic Carve 180-Atomic 412
Blizzard Titan Seven 175-Blizzard IQ 310

Dalbello Krypton
Technica Icon
Head FR8
Dalbello Avanti V9
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Atomic C9:18 - 180cm, Device 412
Atomic M9 - 171cm, Neox 310
Dynastar Legend 8800 178cm, Look P14
Atomic Mega Carv 5.24 180cm (never mounted or used...free to a good home!), Look P7

Dalbello Avanti V9
Solomon Performa 8.0
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179 Völkl G4, G3 Targa (Rock skis)
177 Nordica The Beast, G3 Targa

Garmont Ener-G
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Holy crap, I feel like the poor red-headed stepchild with just one set of skis ...

Skis: Atomic M11 w/ Neox 412 bindings
Boots: Tecnica Diablo Fire Ultrafit
Poles: Some kind of Rossignol carbon poles

... and I'll be having fun with them at Alta next week. Woohoo!
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191cm Rossignol Bandit XX w/ Marker 9.2r bindings
178cm Rossignol Bandit XXX with Rossi Power 120 bindings
170cm Rossignol Zenith Z9 with Rossi Axial 120 bindings

Nordica w9.2 boots
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Dynastar Skicross 8 182cm, Salomon 900s EquipePropulse
Fischer '05-06 RC4 WC SC 160cm, FR13 Freeflex
Fischer RCR Supercarve 200cm, Salomon 900s Equipe Drive+

Boots : Salomon Course GT
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Post Ski Set-ups here!!

Rossignol 9S World Cup T-box Ti 165cm - 06
Fischer RC4 WC SL 166cm (161s plastic tips) – 06

Head Worldcup I.SL VIST Plate 156cm – 04
Fischer RC4 WC SL 156cm – 03
Fischer RC4 WC GS 183cm - 03
Volkl Supersport Six Star 182cm - 04
Volkl Supersport Six Star 175cm – 05
Salomon Scream 10 Pilot Xtra Hot 185cm - 05
Salomon Pocket Rocket 185cm - 05

Rossignol FKS 185 - 06

Fischer FreeFlex17 - 06
Tyrolia FreeFlex17 - 05
Salomon 914 FIS - 03
Salomon 914 FIS – 03
Marker Comp 1400 EPS - 04
Marker Motion iPT w/ P.C.O.S. - 05
Salomon S 912 Ti - 05
Salomon S 912 Ti - 05

Technica Diablo Race Pro 130 7.5 - 06

Technica Diablo Race Pro 130 7.5 - 06
Technica Diablo Race Pro 130 6.5 - 06

- Fossil
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Legs? What about legs?

My skis, boots and bindings are great. . . . but the legs . . . that's my weakest link. Really sucks.
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Völkl P60 GC Race Stock 186, Marker Comp 18 Piston
Völkl Supersport Allstar 175, Marker Motion IPS
Elan S12 Fusion 176, Marker Fusion 1200
Völkl Mantra 184 06/07, Marker Comp 14.0 EPS
Head Monster iM86 186, Salomon 912Ti
Dynastar Phil Belanger Pro Model 175, Look PX12
Rossignol Bandit B2 182, Rottefella R8

Strolz Racing S
Scarpa T-1 Thermo
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I type too slowly, and so:

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Oh, and my boots are Raichle F-ONE Revs, and Raichle Flexon Comps.
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Head Monster i.M72 / Tyrolia LD12 RF2
Fischer RC4 Race SC / Fischer FX12 RF2

Salomon Crossmax 10
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