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Metal Scrapers

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In my tuning kit, there is a metal scraper and a plastic scraper. I am using the plastic ones for leveling my wax. What is the metal one used for? Its lot shorter than the plastic one, just about as wide as the ski.:

here is a pic of it
2 different scrapers
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Used for scraping down P-tex repairs usually.

In the old days we'd put a nice burr on the edge and use them to level ski bases, but I wouldn't recommend using them for that anymore .
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Originally Posted by Noodler
Used for scraping down P-tex repairs usually.
This is the best answer. I also use mine lightly to initially remove base hairs if I have performed an operation that is likely to have raised some.
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Also use it to scrape carbon off a guttering Ptex candle before it gets to the base, and to shape the melt/flame afterwards.
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