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helmet cam video

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from the guys over at Teletips.......this will get you on the edge of your chair. http://www.westcoastsar.org/avalanchepiau.mpg
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Whoa. :

(I had to watch that three times.)

It looked like there was a lift below him and a disembarkment point above him. Was this inbounds?
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Holy Crap oala!!!
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link broken?..
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And just off the lift.

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Wow, look at how much area let loose with just him going over it. Gives you a little pause, doesn't it.
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Can't get over how fluid the snow looks... just like water flowing over some boulders...
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wow... I agree with twinc.. So frikkin fluid... Thanks jackwan..
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Avalanche in Piau Engaly Pyrénées France

I just bumped into this thread.
This hapened last year (2005) on November 28th in Piau Engaly (French Pyrénées).
Yes, this is within the ski resot boundaries before it opened.
This was fresh snow with almost no and fragile under layer.
Here are a few links if you want more details.



This is kind of unique. It does not happen too often that sombody does AT with a video cam on the helmet, gets stuck in an avalanche and does not feel too bad to speak about it...
Let's all learn from this.
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