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Looking for NH LII Coach

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I would appreciate names of any LIIs or LIIIs or above in New Hampshire to coach me next season on some stuff that I need to work on to pass LII skiing.

I'm gettin' close--between my SSD and others at my home area, and examiner comments from my recent LII attempt, I am pretty clear on what I need to fix. And I know I need to put in some hours. But I also want to find someone to yell at me on the hill so I can get this stuff nailed down.

Favorite hang-out is Cannon Mountain, but anywhere between Boston and Franconia would work for me.

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2 examiners you might want to check out are:
Mick O'Gara (Waterville)
Rick Metcalf (Nashoba Valley)
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Have you skied with Lisa Segal yet? Jeb Boyd wouldn't be too bad either
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Rusty, thanks, I had Mick as my LII examiner and liked his style, so that's a real possibility. And I like Waterville. Nashoba is 25 min from my house, so that's also interesting.

epic, where do Lisa and Jeb work?

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Lisa is an examiner out of Cannon, Jeb is a homeless D-Teamer, but I think he mostly skis at Loon.
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