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2006 Metron Colors?

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Some Metron M:9 skis listed on eBay as 2006 models are blue and some are red. There are similar confusing features with some other models. Did Atomic really make the same model Metrons in different colors in 2006 or are these likely to be different skis that are mistakenly listed as 2006 models?
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According to Atomic's website, the M:9's come in both red and blue for 2006.
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They're the same ski. Don't know why they made different colors, but they've done the same with other skis. I've got a version of the C:9.18 that was made in a blue and an orange color.

By the way, I think you'll love the M9. I've got them as well and couldn't believe how much fun I had on them, especially after trying some expert skis (Apache Recon, Volkl AC4, Rossi B3) that I really liked as well. I didn't think the M9 would be enough ski, but I was wrong.
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