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Serial numbers on ski- do they need to match?

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I just bought a pair of Pocket Rockets from an online dealer. The skis look fine, but the serial numbers do not match. Is this ok?
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It shouldn't be a problem, even for warranty as we rarely break both skis, usually only one. If you get a replacement ski, it's number won't match either.

It's not uncommon to get mismatched skis online or at the big sporting goods sales from the likes of Gart's SNIAGRAB or others.

Usually in the shuffle of packing and unpacking for sales, skis get mismatched.
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i bet someone has the same problem
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Long ago I bought my second pair of skis (K2s) from a resort. After a few seasons, the camber of one was almost dead while the other was significantly better. I pointed this out to a shop tech and he pointed out to me that the serial numbers didn't match, he said to always make sure they match since they can over time develop different characteristics which may affect performance. This was in the 80s, I don't know what the current thinking is, but a lot of ski companies are packaging them together in shrink wrap, presumably to ensure that matched pairs stay together.
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Yes it does matter, the numbers should match. matching numbers mean the skis are matched. You may be ok if they both flex the same. Take them to a good shop tech and have them checked. We got a pair of race skis a few years back when the team put in the order. One of our pair came in miss matched. The MFG took them back and sent a matching pair.
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I got a pair of Fusion S12's from Cupolo and they were totally mismatched. Different tune, different serial #'s, the fusion bindings had different marking and spacing. I called Elan and they said they don't match their skis anymore. You'd think that they would at least be consistent in the way they manufacture them. The flex is the same and they ski great so that's what counts I guess.

I lost one of my PR's at Snowbird, I called Solomon and they said they had a replacement ski program and that it would ski the same even though it was a different year.

So it could depend on the company, but I think that for the most part manufacturing is consistent enough where skis don't really have to be matched.
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I know for a fact that some skis it matters. I have a friend who has two pairs of the same ski and they are different. I will also say that these pairs were no gotten throught normal channels. The s/n's are all different and all four skis flex different.
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