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Volkl 5 star or Atomic Izor 9:7

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I am trying to make a descision between Volkl 5 five star and Atomic Izor 9:7. I've read a few comments on both skis in this forum. None of the comments directly compared them.
I am 6'1" , 210 lbs, male, level 6-7 skier. I live in Midwest (Minnesota), prefer groomed trails , medium size turns at medium to high speed. I usualy have 10-12 ski days in Midwest and make one 4-5 day trip West.
I have not tested Volkl 5-star but heard it is similar to Fischer RX-8, which I had a chance to test and liked. Overall I am looking for good confident grip at medium and high speeds, stabilty, as well as some versatility. I also want to improve my skills and need ski that help me to grow.
Unlikely, I will have a chance to test them as the season in Midwest is over. I found very good deals on 5 star and Izor 9:7 and need to make a descison. What is the principal difference between these two skis? Which ski should I buy? What lenght?
Izor comes in 168 cm and 177 cm, 5-star - 168 and 175 cm
I will appreciate any suggestion or advice.


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Hi Dan,

I am 6'5" about 250. Level 8 skier.

A few weeks ago I demoed the Izor 9:7s, Volkl AC3s and Volkl 5 stars in the same day (Bretton Woods, NH). I took each for at least 3-4 runs. Conditions were mainly pp and some crud, groomer trails (mainly intermediate terrain), some ice, but softening conditions late in the day.

The 5 star came out on top for me. Very nice in turns. VERY confident in in the grip department. Of the 3, it was the one ski that I felt most confident with when I wanted to do an all out, shoot a big wall of snow spray, short distance stop from relatively high speed (nice feature when skiing with the kids). I went out and bought a new pair of 5 stars from a local shop (late season sale) when I got home with Marker AT PCOS bindings....hope to get them in action this weekend. I like to carve turns, on the short to mediium side. I also tend to ski in the east (so powder not a big issue) and stick to the "front" side of the mountain (on piste). One other comment on the Izors -- for whatever reason I felt my tips were clacking together....not sure of the details of the designs of the 2 skis and whether this was just my poor technique or something to do with the skis themselves.

As for size -- I bought 175s, which is the same size I demoed. I considered the 182s....but based on feedback this meant I would be doing longer radius turns....so I went with the 175s (and I have to say I was very happy on them during the demo).

Hope this helps.

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I've skied both. That would be one of the toughest decisions to make.
Hey! I know! Buy Both!

The good news is, that if you get the Izor now and wait until mid summer, you will likely get a 5 star for Cheap! With the new S5 coming out, the 5 star price may get right down there.

I honestly love to play around with the 5 star on a regular basis. Love the grip, but When I demoed the Izor this spring, it handeled very well, just not as grippy.
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The 5* is a classic but the Izor 9.7 is pretty danged close and is more versatile due to the wider shape (and it costs less). Also the Nordica SUV 12 is right in there as a bang for the buck favorite.


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I had my shiny new 5 Stars in action for the first time today up at Bretton Woods in NH -- after a full day of skiing them, I can say whole-heartedly that it was $ well spent!
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