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Boots for kids

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So, my kids (11 and 9 year old girls, 4 year old boy) have been renting equipment. It's time to get at least the two girls their own boots. The thing I noticed most about the rentals is that they can't flex their ankles at all. They are like concrete.

So, I'm wondering if you have found boots for kids that are soft, giving them ankle motion, even when they have very limited strength. Ideas?

Also, are any of you using some kind of footbed support for your kids? If so, what?
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Dalbello CX 2 or CX 3 for the girls (and they make them in girls colors too). These use the Dalbello 3-piece design (with the separate overlapping external tongue and open throat) that makes them easier to get into and out of and much easier for a kid to flex. They're also available in "girl" colors (check out the platinum version of the CX 3 - http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=dalbelcx3pla t&Category_Code=sboots&Product_Count=82 and the CX 2 - http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=dalbelcx2pla t&Category_Code=dalbello&Product_Count=31).

I know you said you weren't looking for boots for your son, but the Dolomite KID boot is the best one out there for the little guys (I have 2 pairs for my sons that have started skiing). I've posted about these boots in the family forum, but the important feature is that these boots do not have a hard plastic upper boot. Instead they use a "hardened" cloth (kind of like a snowboard boot material) that doesn't get stiffer in the cold. Note that most sizes seem to be sold out for the season (http://store.yahoo.com/snowshack/dokchskibo.html).

I tried to find footbeds small enough for my boys, but there doesn't seem to be anything available. I purchased the smallest Superfeet Wintergreen available, but the arch length was too long even for my 6 year old. Anyhow, the Superfeet Wintergreen or the Downunders seem to be decent off-the-shelf footbeds and you could probably find them in sizes for your girls.
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My son is 9 years old, a really good skier (for a parisian - he ski 30 to 40 days a year) and quite tall and athletic.
This season he used Salomon 1080 Flyer Jr boots (the ones that fitted him the best in the shop). With some sort of low tech termofit liner. Good value for money I think. The flex was probably too soft for him though, but shoud be better for your girls. Not that he really cared, as long as the feet don't hurt... And not a bad thing for a young one. The boots didn't hold him back for recklessly speeding all over the moutain, and the softer flex was safer IMO for someone who tried to jump on every bump in sight.
No special foot beds but some bootfitting (a raised heel) courtesy of a fine shop.
Unfortunately, it was probably the last year he could use Jr boots. Next season his feet are going to be too long and we'll have to buy adult boots. Not the same price... (Until then it was nearly cheaper to buy for the season than to rent his boots.)
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Thanks, guys, this is really great info. Noodler, since Terry has the Dalbellos, I can see how that would work well. Those KID boots are cool! phillippeR, those only seem to go down to a 24.5?
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Originally Posted by ssh
Thanks, guys, this is really great info. Noodler, since Terry has the Dalbellos, I can see how that would work well. Those KID boots are cool! phillippeR, those only seem to go down to a 24.5?
According to Le Vieux Campeur web site, they go from 22 to 26. I don't know which sizes are avalaible in the US.

Edit : 23 to 27.5 says this site . Who knows ..?
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One thought: Check out the size range for a particular model. If you want to make sure the boot isn't too stiff, you're often better off with the model where you fall at or near the top end of the size range.

Also: I have a strong prejudice in favor of classic four (or three) buckle overlap designs, as (apparently) do the others who've chimed in here.
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