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I may have an opportunity to get out to the mountains during Easter week (4/16-20).
I know there has been some excellent snow this year. I have never skied SLC that late in the season.....
I understand Snowbasin plans to close 4/16 and Alta about the same time....Whats the story???
I would need to make some plane reservations...
Any suggestions, insights would be appreciated.
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Snowbird stays open till memorial day and beyond...
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Last year April 17 I believe...3 foot dump over night....face shots in mid April. Nuff said.
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If you have any religion in you the sunrise service at the top of Snowbird is really something.
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The SL Tribune said that several Utah resorts have Easter Egg hunts.

I was thinking about heading up with my 4-year-old.

Any ideas on which place has a fun easter egg hunt & a good kids program? Deer Valley?

Any soccer (football, if you are European) fans here? Real Salt Lake's home opener is Apr 15 & there's a tailgate party.
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I have never done an Easter egg hunt. Deer Valley always seems to have good kid programs. Besides you could book a really great Easter Brunch or Dinner at Steins or one of the other excellent Restaurants. When my nieces and nephews were young they loved doing those Easter Egg hunts. It seems to me it would be one of those great childhood memories. I would think that any of the mountains would have a fun program set up. At 4 years old your child is just going to be excited to see the Easter Bunny on skis.
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Deer Valley's Easter does look good.

But The Canyons has a big advantage in that their Easter Egg hunt is at 11 AM, later than the rest I could find.

I'm going to be out late the night before at the soccer (football) game (match).

The Canyons also has an expensive brunch that Mrs RSL Fan wants to go to.
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