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San Francisco ?

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This is not in any way ski related. I will be going to the Bay Area for a few days for business. I will have some time to kick around I would like some recommendations on untourist places to eat and things to do.
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Where are you going to stay?
What kind of food?
What kind of activities? How about paint balls and go carts? they are all near the airport.
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Visiting SF

Utah, lived in bay area when I was really yonger. The only really good recommendation I can give is: SF Fishermans warf, stay away from pier 39 to eat its a biggggg ripoff. Seafood at the warf, go to Scoma's a local restaurant on the warf, its sort of out of the way at the main warf area, ask someone they'll know. My favorite, must have is Lobster Newburg, absolutely the best anywhere. If crabs in season have luncbat the sidewalk vendors, fresh crab and SF sourdough french bread yum. Good Eating, Pete
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Really Paint ball and Go carts both? Close to the Airport? I'm in heven! I get the point. What kind of food? I'm open to any sugestions. I would like to find one place that is romantic but not over the top epensive. I love just about any kind of Oriantal food. a dive with great food is always on my list. Venues for live music more to the jazz and blues side of things then a dance club or rap music. Are there any art Gallery districts? I will be finding a place close to the downtown area any hotels nice but not to expensive?
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GoKart Racer LLC
1541 Adrian Rd
Burlingame, CA 94010
Phone(650) 692-7223

PaintBall is in Burlingame also, on Rollins Road, although could not find the phone number. Its practically next to the gokart.

There are 1000's of oriental restaurants in the Airport area as well as through out the city. I do not eat in the city downtown often. I live near the airport so I will recommend

Fook Yuan
195 El Camino Real

Its across the street of my office.
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Day Area Paint Ball
1864 Rollins Rd
Burlingame, CA zip code
Phone (650) 552-9939
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Originally Posted by jackwan1
Fook Yuan
Hey, that's nothing to say to a visitor! :
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider
Hey, that's nothing to say to a visitor! :
Well, that is the "Chinese Way" to say hallo..
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I know this is really "touristy" but we loved the tour of Alcatraz. Get the headphones for the self guiding tour.
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cafe zuni makes the best chicken in america. its not near the airport though.
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