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Atomic boots (BetaRace 10.50 T in particular) - Leaky?

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This past weekend, I got 3 consecutive days of skiing on my new Atomic BetaRace 10.50 T's that I picked up end of last season. Previously, I had only skied a few single days on them.

It seems to me that these boots got considerably more wet inside than my prior boots (Salomon ProLink 9.0 Equipe). Thanks to the transparent plastic on top of the boot, I could see moisture building up. I dried the boots pretty well at night, but did not remove the liners, which I typically don't do and would prefer to avoid with the Atomics since they seem particularly difficult. At the end of the day, my socks were wetter than normal, and it wasn't from sweat. Anyone else who wears Atomic boots notice this problem? I'd hate to have to go the duct tape route.

Other than this, these are magnificent boots.
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Dan there is a small gasket at the front edge of the flap , is your's missing? Other than that yes I do get a moisture build up but I also had it in other boots (from sweat). I found that after some adjusting and fitting the flap closed better on mine .
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I have the same problem with my tecnica icon x boots which I understand is normal for the icon, I'm going to try some of those bootgloves to see if that helps, my problem is not from sweat, I have actually found snow inside my boots when I pulled the liners out, it is rough on the liners to pull them out every night, someone told me to try spraying the liners with silicon to help pulling the liners out.
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Leeroy - I don't recall a gasket, but I'll check when I get home. Is it between the front edge of the flap and the chrome piece on top of the toe? I've been wondering if there is some sort of way to make a gasket to go betwen the flaps.

Bteddy - Maybe my dad has some silicon spray left over from when he used to wear Hanson boots . I agree that pulling the liner adds a lot of wear and tear, so I really want to avoid that.
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I ski the 10.5 and haven't had any real problem. The boot is damp at the end of the day but my feet are always dry because of the socks I wear. Columbias 'smart' sock is the best ski sock I have ever worn. I find them much better than Smartwool.

My old Langes were no better, no worse.
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Other than making sure the overlap is tight, you can try to use adhesive backed foam weather stripping.

If you don't like removing liners to dry the boots, invest in a boot dryer. I use a Therm-ic dryer which is very quiet and compact for easy travel. Drys very quickly, but with only a slight increase in temperature so that there is no risk of heat damage. Worth every cent of it's $80CDN price tag.
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I'm with Beta Racer the boot dryers rock. My are humming away in the front hall now because I have to go back on the hill tonight. My old 10.50s leaked badly but mostly over the instep as there was no gasket (that's what Leeroy the pig wrestler refers to) the first year. My new GS9 don't seem to leak with the gasket. Theres's always duct tape for over that toe.

Any body ever wonder how it is Leeroy knows that pigs like it?
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also looking at some boot driers but how good will they work if you have a lot of moisture under the liner, it would seem that they would do a good job if only the inside of the liner was damp but mine get soaking wet so it seems either seal the boot or pull the liner.
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Like I said, my old boots leaked badly. Either the liner wicked the moisture to dryer areas (the inside while the dryer worked) or there was enough air transfer to dry right through the liner. Either way the dryers got the boots dry through and through without pulling the liners and I like that.
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