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Fuse and G10

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Other than appearance, is there any difference? I was hoping to find a lower profile helmet than my fuse. Also, are the "tuneups" the same ones that are used on the Fuses? (I did check the web and couldn't find these answers- no customer service contact either)
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Yeah they fit different. I have a large Fuse (and it's tight), but a medium in the G10 fits me (the large was way too big). The Tune-ups are NOT compatible between the helmets (the liner is different). I tried to put the Tune-ups from my Fuse into the G10 and it no workie.

But I learned that Skull Candy and Giro are coming out with a Bluetooth enabled version of the Tune-ups for next season. That's worth waiting for... so I'll by the new Tune-ups for my G10 next season.
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