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Duct tape canting on top of Krypton footboards?

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Hi All – first let me start by saying thank you all for the help I’ve received so far from the members of this form. Here is my current situation:
Last night I had my new Krypton’s aligned using the supplied adjustment pieces. The problem is that I am knock-kneed and I need to add approx 3 more degrees to my left and 2 more degrees on my right. I have new skis/bindings coming this week and it was suggested that I cant the remainder under the bindings, which sounds like a fine idea to me. However my main skis are the Top Fuels, and I was told there is no current way to cant under those bindings with the x-balance plate. On top of that, I would rather have my boots canted correctly and not cant under the bindings of any of the skis I own, especially since the pair of skis that I ride the most I cannot cant under the bindings. I was contemplating my current situation when I remembered reading Noodler’s thread about shaving down the Krypton footboards, and reading about DIY canting threads on canting with duct tape. Since the Kryptons have removable footboards under the liner I was thinking about using the duct tape method inside the boot on top of the foot board as I can just pull the footboards out very easily and make the adjustments - however I can’t seem to find a thread where everyone agrees on how many layers of duct tape = 1 degree. I guess my two questions are:
1 – anyone think canting on top of the footboard inside the boot with duct tape is a good/bad idea?
2 – anyone really know how many layers of duct tape are going to give me 1 degree? I’ve read anywhere from 4 – 8 on different threads here, or is this best left to “trial and error”?
Thanks in advance!
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1 bad, or, at least, inconvenient which is much the same thing when speaking of temporary duct-tape cants.

In addition to constantly dealing with changing lower boot volume, you need to change the cuff alignment angle.

2. We can't answer that.

a) How wide is your foot?
b) How thick is your duct tape?

The threads assume a standard boot lug width of 69 mm and use the calculation: tan(1degree)=x/69mm then divide x by your choice of duct tape thickness from 0.20mm to 0.33 mm
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ski center said same thing

Thanks for the help - the adjustments are going to be made under the bindings - incase anyone else is in my situation, next year there will be canting plates for adjustments under the Nordica XBS system. Thanks again!
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"Canting" inside of the boot really isn't canting as it is practiced by the top professionals. I think they all agree that canting must be down at the boot sole/binding interface to be effective. There is one guy, Eric Ward, at the Foot Foundation (http://www.footfoundation.com/index.htm) who has developed his SBS (Shim Balance System) to try and resolve alignment issues inside the boot. Most professionals though subsribe to the original master, Warren Witherell, who published his thoughts on canting in the classic book "The Athletic Skier".

So my recommendation is that it's not worth pursuing putting duct tape on your bootboard to try to effect a positive change. Of course, finding talented skier alignment specialists is tough (especially in your part of the country) so you may have to wait until you take a trip out west.
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