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Epic book exchange?

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Okay, here's my idea, and if this takes off, maybe this should become a sticky...

A bunch of folks have some great skiing related reading material out there, such as Bode's and Herman's books, or other good stuff, manuals, magazines... anything's fair game, but it should probably stay skiing related so that this doesn't turn into a porn exchange - go to TGR for that (kidding!!!).

So how about, if you have a book that you are willing to lend out or are looking to read a book that you would just stowe on a shelf when you're done, so you don't want to pay full price for it, you post a message saying what you have or want. Then work out mailing arrangements with the first responder.

Then, if you want the book back, they mail it back. If not, they put it up for someone else to read.

Think it sounds like a good idea?

I'll start by saying that I'd like to read Bode's and Herman's books. If anyone has one sitting on a shelf or table and wouldn't mind lending it out for a short time, I promise to take good care of it and ship it back when I'm done.

As a note, I'm a pretty slow reader and I have infant triplets at home, plus a 4 y/o, so it will probably take me longer to read it than most people would. PM me if you'd be willing to lend me one.

Anyone interested?
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sounds good


PM me your mailing address and I'll drop the Maier book in tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by ryan

PM me your mailing address and I'll drop the Maier book in tomorrow.
Done. Many thanks, Ryan!
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Anyone have

The PowderMag with the Pikes Peak beta?
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Great idea, should we do it with DVD skiing also?
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