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Allllllllllllll we are sayyyyyyyyyying, is give peas a chance ...
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Pristine pea soup
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sno-killer ... : (foggy pea soup)
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bait? trying to get this back to a ski word thing ..

the only thing I can associate bait with is .. er .... sitting at a table with an instructor who is a known chick magnet hoping that you may benefit from the action?

switch ... :
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Ski Bunny - if you want to bring this thread back to skiing, then the instructor was not a "chick magnet", but a Ski Bunny magnet...
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bunny hill

There... back on topic.
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Benny Hill ...
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Mountain Grins!
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Katana channels.
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sharp edges .... a well sharpened katana can cut through the corpses of three men. :
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Originally Posted by CircaRevival View Post
They have way to much fun with this on another forum I go on. Here are the rules:

1. Post anything ski related that you think of when you see the word posted above yours.
2. Wait until three people post before you post again.
3. Try not to get addicted.

I'll get it started-

Happy Birthday to the Originator of The Ski Word Association Thread!

Back to the game!

Cliff (as in, over the edge):
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A Basin
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Hey TC, isn't this supposed to be a four player (at least) game?
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Trek's badonkadonk while skiing the slow line fast?
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fast women
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Lindsey Kildow
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Suzy Chapstick
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one card missing from the deck ..... er .... Bode ..
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can't stand
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stand height sorry if it really does have to do with skiing, won't happen again
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Tree line
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Helmet head
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Raccoon Eyes
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tree-skiing= tronning

(my new word from this past season in reference to what skiing trees has become since the introduction of fatties.)
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