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ski binding placement

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Should binding placement be at the center of the ski or at the factory placement mark? My skis are K2 Mod X 181. I measured the skis and the factory setting is 36 mm forward of center. Is this correct?

Thank you for your help. :
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You will not typically mount a ski on the center of the ski it's self, the "center" mark is for the center of the boot to line up with. My axisX'x have a center mark but I believe that the ModX's had a toe mark, can't remember right now.
unless you want more control or more stability than normal, stick to the mfr's spec.
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There was an excellent discussion of this topic on Blarp in August:,14e#3568

posts #14 to #19 in that thread. If you have problems accessing that thread, first enter Blarp as a guest, and then do a keyword search on the terms "center pressure area" and that thread should pop up.

To summarize that discussion, there are a huge number of important "centers" on a ski. These include, the center of load bearing area, the fore-aft position of the sidecut waist, the chord center, the running surface center, the center of mass, etc. These various locations can be quite a few cm away from each other.

Ski designers try to come to a compromise amongst all of these when they decide on a suggested binding location. They do this based on previous experience and on-hill testing for each new ski model.

Often, the old rule of positioning the boot toe at the chord center comes out fairly close to the mfgr's recommended location (but usually, only for men with average length feet). "Boot center" locating marks are a way to circumvent foot length variability and other difficulties.

Eventually, if you could tinker with your binding position, you might decide that you don't like the compromise that the designers settled on, but, except in very unusual cases, it certainly is the best place to start.

If you have an unusual physique (eg, a huge beer belly, or butt) AND you know from lots of previous experience in mounting and moving bindings that a little forward or backward from the suggested location almost always works better for you, then start there, but if you already knew that information, I don't think you would be asking this question.

It's great fun to tinker with the location using bindings that can be adjusted fore and aft with out remounting each time you try a new location. The old Atomic ESSvar and newer Xentrix's can do this as well as number of other more obscure ones.

Hope this helped.

Tom / PM

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Look at the side of your Mod X ski by the toe peice you will see a mark that says right on the side of the ski "boot toe" with an arrow pointing upward, thats were the toe peice should be mounted. Had the same question a little while ago about my Mod X ski's. I still think its a little strange no matter what size boot you have that the toe peice gets mounted in the same spot thus moving the center of the boot farther back on the ski the bigger the boot length is but thats what K2 says it to be. And you cant argue with them can you? Well maybe.
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