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What about the Volkl AC3

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I really enjoy the 05-06 Volkl AC4 in the 170 length for all types terrain I tried up to double black runs. Trouble finding locally. Anyone skied the AC3 in the 05-06 model, what are the chances of being happy with it and would I want to consider a little longer? I love the trees and gladed runs the most but ski a lot of variety.
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I recently went to Utah and skied Deer Valley for 4 days in the most amazing snow covering I have skied in years. That being said I rented for all 4 days, the first two were on Salomon Hot ~180 and I wasn't impressed with them, I guess because I had reserved the AC3's for all 4 days and they were not available the first two days. However, on the third day I exchanged out for the Volkl AC3's in the 184 CM length and the last two days was a different experience. I was skiing with my Cousin David and we explored the mountain together, skiing groomed to mogul fields, Blues to double blacks, Glade areas (in the trees), bowls and the Daily Chutes, going OB in untracked almost knee deep powder.

Wow what a difference, the AC3's were excellent, they were light and quick to respond, torsionally stiff always grabbing on the hard pack, always felt like they were part of my legs like the skies were part of me. I never had such and experience on skies before.

Dropping into the Chutes, and hop turning was a breeze as the skies were so light. Turning in the groomed could be soft and gradual, or quick and snappy when aggressively kneeing into the tong of your boots while skiing the fall line.

The skies just kept taking what I threw at them . . . when in the trees, my cousin David filmed me from down below as I picked a narrow line with trees tightly positioned. One wrong move and Wham, a tree could drop you down. The AC3's handled like a sports car, driving through a series of chicanes, they never let me down and gracefully floated me through those white & Gray Birch trees.

I'm currently in the market for skies, and I want to purchase the AC3's after having one of the most amazing experiences on skies. If you find a deal on these take them and also let me know as I'm starting to look for a good package price.

Final note, the conditions were probably the best I've ever skied in, the experience may have been heightened because of this, However in comparison to the Salomon Hots I'd like to think it was all because of the Volkl AC3 skies.

Cousin Johnny Sax
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Thanks a lot for the information, the one thing I failed to mention is my size, I am about 215 lbs. and wondered if that is too heavy for this ski? Souds like you had a great time!
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At the risk of offending some, I'm going to suggest that you call Jason at the Deep Powder Ski Hut Ltd. at 1-866-ski-deal. I bought a set of AC4s for my father from him this year and recommended a friend deal with him who also bought AC4s. Both were extremely satisfied. His prices are pretty phenomenal and he lives up to what he says he will do. Should find plenty of great prices on Ebay as well. Good luck.
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Snakeman . . . . I'm about 195 lbs., 6'2" and used to ski on 205 to 210 in the old straight type skies. One thing I failed to mention was that I felt like I could handle a longer AC3 maybe 190 but the largest the AC3's come in are 184cm. So that brings me to my next thought, my cousin David was skiing on the AC4's and swears by them, they are proportionaly wider and float a little better in the powder . . . Not knowing your ski type but knowing your weight I would think that you should obviously try both skies before purchasing one. I left a message for Jason (per the last post by Mooseknuckle) and will find out what he is selling the skies for and I'll post in my next reply.

Cousin Johnny Sax
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My favorite skies are blue....

As for skis, Snakeman, one thing that would probably help is if you listed your ability level, and where & how often you ski. At 215#, the 170 AC3 might be a little short. My buddy is almost your size, and just got them in a 177. He's a strong expert and skis primarily in the east, with 1 or 2 trips out west each year. He likes the length.
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New AC3

Moments ago.
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Hey Cousin David . . . How are you? You look great next to those 06/07 AC3's!

I just found these Volkl AC3's 06/07 on the following site for $849
and at this site for $852

I know what the 05/06's are like and I'm wondering if the newer skies are worth the extra bucks ?!?! Decisions . . . Decisions . . . . Decisions. I haven't found any reviews yet and if I'm only lookin at a couple of hundred Bucks . . . . maybe I'll bite the bullet!
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The '06-'07 AC3's should have the i-PT internal binding track not the surface mounted motion rails. If you have ever skied the Volkl Allstars or any Elan fusion bindings you would probably agree that it is a superior experience to the motion rails which are fine but...... Anyway if you can get a good deal on this years AC3 go for it in a 177cm.
If you don't mind spending the extra $ then go for the '06-'07.
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