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7Springs conditions??

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Any info on conditions at 7 Springs for 22 Mar to 24 Mar?? Worth a 4 hour drive??
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Groomed garanular and frozen granular for the most part. Skied there this past Saturday and it wasn't real good. Still coverage where the snowmaking allowed for the most accumulation. I don't know what to tell you. Snow flurries and cold the next couple of days , but it doesn't look like enough accumulation from natural snow to improve conditions much. Looks like snow making has ended for the year.

Maybe somebody else can offer a more informed opinion. It all depends I guess on how bad you want to ski.
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Originally Posted by naht
Worth a 4 hour drive??
Each way? Nope. Total maybe.

If temps warm up and we get spring condtins again it would be good I think. Coverage looks good on their webcams.

I'm thinking about going there on Monday for "Season Pass Mondays" It's free if you have a season pass form any mountain http://www.7springs.com/webspecials.shtml#seasonpass
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