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Back Country Ski Pack?

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I'm looking to purchase a 3000+ pack for backcountry use. Any recommendations?

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It's too bad the search function is termporarily down, we've had some good threads on this in the Gear Forum.

By far the best of the backcountry ski packs in my opinion for the larger-day/lighter-overnight category is the Arc'Teryx Borea -- 3,300 cu inches and extremely well thought out for bc skiing.


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other good choices: Arcteryx Khamski (or Khamsin 38), Lowe Alpine Rondoy and Vision 40, Marmot (I forgot the name of the model, but it is about 3000cu in), Dana Designs Bomb Pack. Noth Face also makes a nice pack about that size in their technical series. I have a Marmot Eiger (smaller than what you are looking for, but very comfortable) and a Dana Designs Alpine (larger than what you are looking for but also very comfortable, and you can kind of retract the sleeping bag compartment and make it about 3500 cu in.) I've been impressed with the construction and detailing on both. Arcteryx has a fantastic reputation, too.
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