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Lange WC 130 from a few years back, size 26.5. Around 120 days clocked on these babies, but they still have some life left (great freeskiing boot). Liners have been baked 4 times, they might want to be baked another time, not sure, but they don't smell and are in decent condition, altough some duct tape is necessary to touch up the stitches that are starting to come apart. No modifications to the shell. Great for a big intermediate or advanced skier, not so great for someone who expects a race boot (unless you change the liners...)

Toe and heel lugs are in good condition, as are all the buckles except the instep buckles wich are kaput, but have been replaced by Salomon course lab buckles (actually wraps the foot better). Straps come from the same Salomon course lab.

So if you want a Frankenstein boot for nothing, I'd be happy to oblige providing you pay shipping and make whatever donation you want to Epicski or your local race club (helping with a race for one day for example).

I also have a pair of Volkl 380 Energy poles in 125 cm to give away. They are pretty banged up and bended (and have been drilled for cups), but nobody will steal them from you, that's for sure. They are gray, black and red.