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Free: XL Ski Pants

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This is a pair of XL black ski pants that a Florida buddy of mine purchased here in Denver. They are retail like $50. They have been worn once. They are free for pick up in the Denver area.
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Any chance you would ship these if I pay shipping?
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still avaible
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What manufacturer, material, or style? Pics available?
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BelowZero, still avail?...possibly send COD?(or let me know how)



Steve Drossel

370 Fern St

Bangor, ME 04401

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You're replying to a post from nearly 7 years ago! Haha that has to be some sort of record.
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..and if user still here & still had pants....would be even more of a record...;-)  Posting a reply = not a lot of expended energy...y/n?

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I haven't logged onto Epicski for years, but I decided to today.  I see that I have private message about these pants.  Wow, 7 year bump!  That's amazing.  You know what though, I actually still have these pants. 


Free pick up in Denver.  I would really like to pay it forward to someone who has just moved to Denver and is now interested in skiing.  Sorry, I really don't want to mess around with shipping, unless you want to pay for them.  


Brand name: Slalom - 100% nylon shell and 100% nylon lining with polyester interlining.

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Tried to PM you but says user does not exist.

Sent from my Android in the great outdoors
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