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Tyrolia FF14d Q

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My boot mooves a few mm vertically at the toe part of my FF14d on one of my slalom skis. On Atomic bindings there is a screw for adjusting how snug the fit is vertically but on my Tyrolias I cannot find any adjustmentscrew for this purpose anywere. Any ide's on what to do? Big race tomorrow!!!
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Tdk6, Tyrolia uses an automatic toe height adjustment, no screw. Do you have significant sole wear on your boot? That could be one possible problem. Have the binding checked, check forward preassure. Good luck.
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Thanks whiteroom.... no time to let shop check it. Gotta work tomorrow and race starts at 6 . Automatic height adjustment! This should ring a bell shouldent it? Gotta try to find out how it works. Where did I put that darn manual.....
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