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Sanouks vs Gotama

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What can people tell me about the difference between the two? I ski Red Mountain thus lots of steep, tight trees. I like a softer ski in general. I am considering the Gotama in 190 or the Sanouk in 193. I would put AT bindings on the ones I end up purchasing.
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I have Gotamas in a 183 with Karhu 7tm tours on them. They are a really heavy ski for touring. I can't see myself doing any big tours with them, a bit of lift access touring maybe, some day I might pick up a set of skins for them.

As for a resort ski, they're great off piste in the pow and chop. But in my opinion not the best choice for tight trees. They're a ski that likes to go straight and fast. I do ski trees with em for sure, but I tend to look for well spaced trees where I don't have to do any real fast turns, just look for the openings and bomb em. They are a fairley soft ski but I wouldn't call em a noodle either, tortionally they are quite stiff, the tip and tail are soft so if you hit a mogul they they don't launch you like a spring board.

The Sanouk I know nothing about, I don't think I've even seen a pair other than in magazines and on the net. I would think they'd be a hoot in the deep pow with that swallow tail, you could get right over the front and drive em hard.
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Thanks for the info.

From what I have read, it sounds as if the Sanouk is quite a bit softer than the Gotama.

And though the sanouk is 3 cm longer they both ski like +/-185's because of the twin tip and swallow tail.

Thoughts anyone?
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tried both

Hey I've skied both gotama in groomed to 2 ft freshies-gotama's have a nice sidecut, enough to were first run on them I caught an edge on a cruise in to the chair,on steep pow and pow bumps you can put the hammer down and really rip like hell blasting up and down through the snow,steep deep pow trees 2ft + I almost went over the tips a couple of times, there real turny, could be a bit stiffer-bumps they do ok suprisingly and on groomers you can haul ass making big ripping turns,they love to go all out everywere-on ice they suck(but who likes ice anyway) as far as sanouks they are a big ski and really shine on big drops and air off cornices, they land like your on a runway and are real easy on the knees,they have an great feel in anykind of soft pow and have a great deal of finesse in trees and open bowls in any depth of pow,on the groomed they have almost no sidecut so you really have to put your knees to work to make arc turns but its fun and fast ,there really stable, in crud ,there good but need to be skied fast because of the lack of sidecut , you can be forced into a line,on ice the sanouk hold well because of there massive edge,all in all both skis are great.Sanouks are tough to ski in the bumps,there just to big ,but you can finesse your way through them with airplane turns.-------a good skier would enjoy both skis in a variety of conditions------
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