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Good ACL surgery resorce

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For those who might be looking for a community of fellow ACL-reconstruction sufferers, there is a pretty good ACL board at:


It's all ACL, all the time.
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Just be aware that many of the stories you see there are from people who have had a lot of extra knee problems. (i.e. it's skewed to people with complications.) Not to mention there are a number of non-athletic people there as well, and their rehab protocol will be quite different than someone getting back to a sport. So when you read horror stories, just realize there are a lot of success stories not posting because they're not even thinking about their knees anymore.
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US Ski Team Orthopaede

and, as I've posted before, here's the US Ski Team's orthopaede's contact info:
Kevin D. Plancher, MD, MS

(NY,NY ) 212-876-5200
(Greenwich/Cos Cob,Conn) 203-863-2003


He trained under Dick Steadman (who did my R. knee right in the 80s ),
Guy is very cool, likely the most current and cutting edge knee guy for skiers, esp. ski professionals.
he hasn't cut into me, yet (was that too self-referential? should the moderators expect PMs?), but I'm retaining his skills for both knees, possibly this summer.
...golly....I hipe this was useful.......
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