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Salomon X Wave Boots 9.0 or 8.0?

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Have had the dreaded task of looking for new boots... The Salomon seem to fit the best and have good features. Cant decide which flex/boot to go with - the 8 or 9 boot. I compared them in the store with my old boots and the flex of my old boot seems to be right about in the middle of these two models - then again, my boots are 8 years old. As I have been adjusting to newer skiing techniques, having a stiff boot and driving the tips isnt as necessary. Also, I ski 90% off-piste so having a flexier boot has its advantages. I have read some posts where people mentioned that it is possible to stiffen or soften X Wave boots. Can anyone clarify that for me, specifically with the 8.0 and 9.0 boot? My thought is, If I go with the 9.0 and want to soften it a bit, can I and is it irreversable? Or, If I go with the 8.0 and want to stiffen it, can I and would it also be irreversable.

Also, I have found some good deals on last years models. Havent made up my mind on which year - not to sure about that honeycomb thing.... Anyway, can the flex adjustments be made to last years and this years X Wave boots? Any other feedback and experiences are much appreciated!

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really they are just about the same, I'd go 9 as it is easier to make a boot softer then stiffer.

to make stiffer add the second set of rivits behind the cuff alinment screws (inside of the shell is pre drilled, outside is marked where to drill)

to soften, cut the inside of the cuff, in the back, in the small "V" notch shape that is marked, I'd start with about 1/2 that size, and make sure to make a "U" not a "V" notch at the bottom
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Speaking of Salamon boots... what's the deal with the honeycomb pattern on the outside of the boot? Does that structure make it easier, or more difficult to punch the shell out?
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just have to watch the heat a bit more, still punchable.

the race room boots sometimes have the cutouts, some don't. all punchable.
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Don't see the need to cut or drill anything; there's not that much difference between the 9 and the 8. I ski Wave 10's, my wife Wave 8's. The 10's are not all that stiff fore-aft for an advanced/expert boot, the 8's are fairly flexy, pure intermediate. Both come with a lot of bells and whistles for adjusting fore-aft flex. You'll be happier with the 9 as is. Worry more about the lateral fit than some fractional difference in forward flex.
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I've had the 9 for years. Great boot. I'm a lightweight and ski offpiste 98% of the time (yes really, there is NO piste where I usually ski). You can get quite a bit of flex adjustment using the cuff strap (the velcro thing that goes around the top of the boot). Put it outside the shell for most stiffness (that's the only place most people think it goes) or if you look closely you can see that Salomon has cunningly designed the top of the shell to make it easy to put the strap inside the shell at the front of the cuff (ie between the shell and the liner). Now you have less stiffness and can make quite a difference in flex depending on how tight you have the strap and the top buckle. That where I always have it.

When I bought, the 9 had a better liner than the 8, which was more of a factor for me than the flex. I also agree with a previous comment re lateral support being important, and this boot has a lot of that.

I wouldn't do any cutting of the notch - there's a lot of historical discussion on here somewhere about various ways to tune these boots and IIRC that's about the LAST thing you want to play with. Boot designers aren't stupid - the boot is made the way it is for some very sound and complex reasons, change 1 thing and you'll likely stuff up something else about the boot's performance.

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