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Best Jacket/shell Out Right Now?

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(Arc'teryx Sidewinder SV Jacket/Shell)http://www.backcountry.com/store/rev...cket-Mens.html

(Mountain Hardwear Descent Tenacity Jacket/Shell)

This is the best of the best jacket/shell out right nowif you ask me. I just want to know what you guys think of this match.

I gave the links so people can compare the 2 items. Personally i Like MH Tenacity Descent better...I want it simple and functional thats it...
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what do you mean by "best"?

Personally, I like these better:

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well unfortunately i havent seen that one before what is it called? i can read french hehehe
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Do I buy that jacket or do I fly to Utah and ski for four days?
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lol....WTH do you mean
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Originally Posted by tyler_durden
lol....WTH do you mean
They equal about the same outlay. One would keep me warm, the other would keep me alive.
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which one keeps you warm or alive?
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I've enjoyed my Marmot Adamant softshell jacket all season. Works great while snowing heavily, windproof, may not be waterproof in the rain, but I ski in the west, very warm, and makes no funny noises when it moves like hard shell jackets. Far superior in my book.
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I picked up one of these this year like a month ago. Got a 100 dollar gift certificate to EMS for my bday and it was marked down like 60% I could not resist, its like skiing in a shirt. Also I ran in it the other day and it was pouring, dry as can be yet breathable. Have skied down to -5 in it

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Originally Posted by Jamesj
Do I buy that jacket or do I fly to Utah and ski for four days?
you must be kidding. it's a friggin' jacket. go to Utah.

(I guess that's what you're saying)
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Originally Posted by agent.5
I like that dark blue/white one. Looks a bit like my Rossignol jacket.
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Originally Posted by ant
I like that dark blue/white one. Looks a bit like my Rossignol jacket.
I have had Degre7 stuffs for over 15 years. The quality is top notch and the fit is slim. The jackets and pants are thin but super warm.

It is too bad that D7 pulled out from the US market. But, internet sales from UK and France are available. They are on sale here.


The price of this jacket is incredible:

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I have a Sidewinder SV and the only issue I can think of is I'm not a big fan of how the colar does up around my face when it is blowing. Other then that the jacket is excellent plus I bought it a Acrteryx's moving sale so it was 50% off!
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I have a Mountain Hardware shell that's 3 seasons old and looks and works like new. Never had a better shell. It's very water proof, quite warm and it breaths well. I didn't pay anywhere near $414 for my shell. I think it was about half that on an end of the season close out. I also have a MH soft shell $100 and some fleece long underwear pants $50 for cold daze. Couldn't be happier with the MH gear I have purchased over the years. Bulletproof stuff.


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I have an MH Interconnect hardshell jacket. It's discontinued, so pricing is better. Not sure how different it is from Descent Tenacity jacket. It's light enough that I can use it as a windbreaker, windproof enough that I can wear one layer underneath and be comfortable in the 20's. My body tends to run warm.


Note : Red Hot color is much brighter than the pic, more orange-ish. Definitely not maroon as it shows on my screen.

The only complaint is that I can't find zip-in compatible vest/fleece in my area that's NOT a windblocker (want something that breathes well).
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If you like simplicity the you cannot go wrong with Arc'Teryx. I have an Alpha SV and it is perfect for me, especially the close fit, well-designed hood and lack of bulky and pointless pockets.
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i read on some reviews that the arcteryx alpha sv's zippers are'nt as water proof as they should be....Just wondering if you alpha sv owners have tried testing the waterproofness of your zippers?

Alpha SV-new zipper 02-23-05 action (1): Hello guys, please check the new zipper before buying. I tested one in a shop with a glass of water, and it leaked considerably. I cupped the jacket and let the water sit in the well for a minute. I am not against Arcteryx, I have three Arcteryx items and they’re great, I’ll buy their stuff again. But that new zipper on the SV does concern me.
Leaky 07-20-05 Christopher A (1): Right now I am very unhappy with this jacket. I sat out in the rain with high winds (40mph) for about 15 minutes and a considerable amount of water leaked right through the front zipper. This jacket is not "bombproof". It is not a "fortress". And if you trust it at 5000ft in the winter to keep you dry, you might regret it. I called Arcteryx and they told me to send it back through the retailer for testing, but after seeing all the other leak reviews on this site, I'm pretty sure it's going to pass their tests. I'm disgusted with this jacket and the money I spent on it.
new zipper 06-17-05 Anonymous: I don't understand why in heaven you would put 7 waterproof pockets on a jacket. The "new weatherproof" zippers leaked like hell. I just spent a fortune on this jacket and I'm not happy at all!
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Anything by Arc'teryx. Best zippers, best design for extreme conditions, VERY durable, Gore Tex still rules. Some Mountain Hardwear comes close.
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I have Cloud Veil "Drizzle" shell and it is outstanding. No leaks and very confterble. Also has great ventilation. I have not tried many other shells but I will say that people think i'ts good and it has good reveiws.
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