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Fischer F9000 WC

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Any info on these? Jeff Bergeron recommended them to me because of the slight "duck stance" that they have in the lower, but I don't really know how well it fits since I haven't been able to secure a pair in a suitable size to try them on. They felt pretty upright, wich I like, but too big a boot can be misleading...

So, what's the beef on them? I have a narrow foot (and very thin ankles), not a lot of arch (almost flat) and my toes are almost all the same length (so I need a last that isn't crazy-long, like the Lange one). The boot felt snug, but still loose in the front and somewhat width-wise. Not really looking into a plug, and since I don't think this is one (correct me if I'm wrong), does it have enough material in the lower for a good grind if the need arises?

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Your feet sound pretty messed up...have you considered seeing a podiatrist or orthopedist to get some corrective orthotics? If you think about it, a flattened arch will cause ankles to roll in and toes to point outward. If you get some orthotics to raise your arch, it may fix your alignment and stance, allowing you to fit a wider range of boots...

Fixing your arches may be a good thing to do over the summer...
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Well, yeah, my description make them sound pretty messed up, but it's really an accumulation of a lot of small factors that makes my foot tough to find a boot for, the biggest being that I have a low, if not very low, volume foot. The arches aren't completly flat, just flatter than what I'd call "normal": I may have exagerated.

Orthopedics in the boots are already planned to increase support, but I don't really think I need them for everyday use tough (I can run, jump, play sports fine). Many doctors have treated me for various skin infections on my feet (now gone, thankfully) and none have recommended that I see an podiatrist so I don't think it's in order.
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