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Naxo reviews?

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Could anyone out there running Naxo's, esp NX 21's, offer a review, comment on the reliability questions that were brought up last year? Have they held up for you? Is the 21's beef worth the extra weight compared to the 01's? Threads are few and seem to run out early this season.
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not impressed

i had some scary prereleases and gave up on em...
that was w' the 01.
i think there is something off with the toe release and if I had taken the time to vermont em and adjust it, they may have worked, but i lost confidence in them...
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I've had a pair for two years, beat the crap out of them patrolling with no complaints. My experience is different from Holidays....I found I could run some really low dins without a prerelease. I don't doubt his post, just had different experience with them
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I'd buy another pair,,,,no gripes.

Nice stride, work easy, versital, "rack appeal",
Keep you in,,let you out,,.
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There is a really good review here:

See the reply by mtbakerskier at post #6

More stuff here:
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Thanks for the info. My search didn't turn those threads up.
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Also here's another great source of Naxo and other AT related info:

If you end up not going with the 21s you should read the article called "FIRST LOOK Naxo NX01 04/05" since some shops still have the 1st generation model which created all of the reliability questions.
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