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What size skiis?

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How do you figure out what size ski you should ski on? What are the benifits/weaknesses of a longer/shorter ski? I was under the impression that shorter was better. I'm 6'0" 185 lbs. I currently ski on Dynastar Trouble makers, length 165. I want to get the 1080 foil. I demoed the 166, they seemed fine to me. However, I came accross several things that led me to believe I should get a longer ski. Any thoughts on this?
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Shorter skis will be easier to handle, but less stable at speed. The right length varies with the ski type and your terrain interests. For your size, I would go longer on the 1080 for sure. It's not a very stout ski, so you can go with the 174cm for general skiing and fun, or 182cm if doing serious off-piste/backcountry big-mountain skiing. 166cm would be way too short for your height/weight -- you'd run out of ski on steep/fast terrain. The other thing to keep in mind about twin tips is that they are actually a lot shorter than the measurement indicates -- because of the two tips, you lose quite a bit of edge contact (perhaps 5-7cm) compared to a normal ski of the same size. You don't want to go too short on a twin tip!!
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