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Quick Keystone update?

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Hi folks,

Can anyone shoot a quick Keystone update my way? I know you just got some snow in the last week so I'm hoping for some decent conditions when I'm there this Thurs - Sat. How crowded has it been on the weekdays? I know it's a given Sat will be crowded at the RR base, but I'll get to the other peaks asap.

Is Christy the best place to rent in the River Run area? They've got new Volkl and Dynastars so I know I can get something I like. I checked and they don't have a very good selection. Anywhere to get HEAD skis without going to Breck?


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was up there last weekend. its fine. theyre getting a little snow every day so its not getting hard packed or icy. only place i found any ice was on the bumps.
dont know about skis, i bring my own.
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North facing slopes were quite good today. We skied North Peak (mostly) and there were some nice soft bumps there on the black runs, even a few places where there was semi-untracked. Conditions varied a lot depending on slope aspect- the most hard pack under the new snow (and some frank ice where the new snow was scraped off) was on south facing slopes. It was relatively uncrowded, too- the only crowns we saw were on the run outs and the easy runs on the front side. No significant lift lines. Although they reported only 2" (I think) this morning, we found over the boot powder in several places.

Don't know about rentals- sorry.
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Thanks for the comments. Soft bumps on the blacks..... Sounds like conditions will be A-Ok. I see another dusting in the forecase Wednesday, so Thurs might be the best day. Icy bumps give me a bit a trouble. Aside from harassing my newbie buddies on occasion, I won't be seeing much of the schoolmarm side.

Well as long as I can get a Legend or AC3 , I'll be happy. I really wanted to check out the IM72 and couldn't find it in PC, Utah a couple of months ago. But then again, I didn't look too hard either.
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You should check out Breck and Vail while you're there- they have gotten significantly more snow in the last few days than Keystone.
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I'd love to get back to Breck, but I'm on pretty much a free ride out and condo deal with friends. They probably will stick to Keystone and that's OK. The best thing is I get to ski again this year. I can think of worse things to do than ski Keystone three days.
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