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Burning arches in feet....???

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My wife is suffereing from burning arches after skiing a few hours....any thoughts about what to do, why?

Foot problem or ski related foot problem? Looking for a solution to old age!

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Without more info it's impossible to tell.

What can cause cramping or painful arches?

boots too big
Boots too small
Boots too narrow
Boots too wide.
Lack of support (foot beds)
Poorly made footbeds (too high arches)
poor circulation.
Not enough potassium in diet.
Bad technique or incorrect use of skills in specific types of snow or skiing.
poor alignment (cant or balance)

Shall I go on?
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plantar fasciitis

You need a little more info such as is it only after skiing? Is it when she is resting or when she is walking? It could be plantar fasciitis. Which I had for a few months. You can look it up on google. I used arch supports and eliminated the pain.

Good luck..
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