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OLN TV listings

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I got pretty pissed at OLN yesterday. But I don't know if I am justified being pissed at OLN or if I should be pissed at DirecTv. Maybe you folks can tell me who to berade.

I was doing something around the house while the (supposed) snowboarding event from Whiteface was on, and my TiVo was set to record the skiing that was going to be on immediately after the snowboarding. (side note: the skiing is listed as "skiing and snowboarding" and has a description that says "(1998)" - nothing else,,, but it's been this way all season, so I set my TiVo to record it on a season pass). So I sit down on the couch for a minute, about 40 minutes into the (again, supposed) s/b event, and what do I see? Daron leaving the start gate for the SG. The DH had already been shown, and I also missed Bode's SG run! I was LIVID : !

I know they show the events again on Wednesday night, and I haven't checked the listings for Wednesday yet, but I'm afriad they won't show it since the season is done, and even if they do show it, the show might be labled "hunting/fishing/bullriding", and I'd miss it anyway.

So, to those of you who get OLN, do you also have issues with the listings?
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This happened to me with the Kitzbuhel event. Don't know what causes it. Only that it pisses me off. It's tough to catch skiing events.
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Originally Posted by JohnH
So, to those of you who get OLN, do you also have issues with the listings?
I have issues with all kinds of listings.
For instance: A high school volleyball tournament may run over and then I'm taping it when I'm actually trying to tape a race.

I have found that any sports channel is inconsistent to a point, but some try to be better than others.

I usually use this listing for my programming search. Maybe it's not what you're looking for but maybe it can help??????
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As someone who records all the WC skiign on OLN, I share your pain. All season long OLN would designate a block of a few hours and subdivide it with specific events at specific times. What they end up showing during that block is swirled together with alternating events and sometimes things are outright eliminated/added with zero notice ahead of time.

Typically when US racers post good results, they spend more time on those events and cut off other things like freestyle/boarding/etc.
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I have Comcast. OLN (or Comcast) listed the event as skiing (not Skiing /Snowboarding). When I looked up the information, it said Skiing, winter sport!! I didn't even know that it was WC racing until I actually watched it. I guess I'm supposed to know it's WC racing.. I would have been more intent on watching it if I had known. I got to watch some Bode though.
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The oln website has listings if you go into the detailed schedule thing and search all dates for "skiing"
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I don't know if this had anything to do with your problem, but the SBX portion of the Whiteface SB World Cup was cancelled because a competitor died during training runs on the morning of the race. The remaining competitors and the race jury all agreed to cancel the event.
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Thanks for the input. I did look up the listings on their web site, and it looks like they will be re-airing the event(s) on Tuesday evening. I'll just set it to record the s/b event as well.

I don't know how they plan to get viewers to watch if they can't keep their listings straight. You'd think it would be a high priority. If I were looking at advertising during a sking event, I wouldn't advertise on OLN if they couldn't figure out when they were going to show stuff. It's not like this was going to be aired live. And how hard can updating their listings be? I would imagine that it's all computerized, and if they make a change, they probably need to hit a button to get that change uploaded to all the lisiting services or networks.
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OLN is feeding poor schedule data to directv and tivo services. I also looked online last night and the web site didn't match what they were showing either.

I was so mad Sunday - switched to OLN at the scheduled time and found that they had already showed most of the stuff -- apparently it started an hour earlier than scheduled (and wasn't listed as any sort of snowsport as I have tivo season passes to every snowsport and nothing picked it up). I had already padded my tivo recording for an extra hour as sometimes they run longer than the schedule (and I've missed things that way too). In addition, the coverage of what I did see was pittiful. They covered the team even in something like 45 seconds with 10 second clips of a few races (even counting it down with a timer as if crap coverage was something cool).

OLN is horrible. All US coverage of ski racing is horrible. We need Austrian TV to see any decent racing. I'm hoping the internet solves this with some decent subscription coverage of all the races -- not clips of a few people. Can you imaging them covering figure skating or basketball like this. And with the scheduling and listing problems the racing fans can't even find the poor coverage that is out there.

I did check the tuesday listings I found online to catch the repeat -- on my tivo they show different shows than the web site -- so I set all those up to record anywhere near the time the races might be on.
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Yeah, the big problem is that they "schedule" coverage way in advance but the events take place immediately before and sometimes the day of the coverage. The decision of what they are actually going to air is made when the event takes place since they cherry pick good runs/podium finishers/Bode Miller and go out of their way to ignore everything else (like americans other than bode, ted, and daron). You can see why you just have to carve out the whole chunk of time and hope for the best with OLN.

I am actually amazed that more skiing (and other non popular american sport) coverage isn't available on the internet. Given the piss poor coverage of wc skiing (especially women's) in the US, there is a small, but fanatical group of people such as myself who foam at the mouth waiting for the video footage of the events. The fact that the internet is such an inexpensive distribution medium (compare bandwidth costs for internet providers with the bullsh1t OLN has to go through with advertisers, scheduling, etc) should really spawn a plethora of competing coverage available to joe q. wc_enthusiast. It would probably even raise the ante for OLN and force them to provide better coverage!
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Originally Posted by gbubnis
The oln website has listings if you go into the detailed schedule thing and search all dates for "skiing"
Thanks gbubnis! I'll go to .
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