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Has anyone had a problems with the Head Monster 88

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I have had two pairs break already(from a total of 10 days skiing). I have been told that the 2005/2006 model has had weakness issues.

Anyone else had any issues?
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I have about 15 days of skiing on mine and no problems. I'd call myself average in terms of aggression (I'm 180# skiing the 175cm).

However, I was at the demo shop at Crystal Mt (the place in the basement of Alpine Inn) with a friend a couple of months ago and we were talking to one of the guys that works in the shop. I made mention that I was skiing the iM88, and the guy in the shop replied, "Nice ski. We had a pair, but somebody blew out an edge so we sent them back for a replacement pair."
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"blowing out an edge" is not a ski problem. you can't blow out an edge until you hit a rock or other immobile that yanks against the steel. it's a skier's inattention or hidden danger unavoidable problem.

from my perspective, breaking 2 pair of skis means either you're a burly-arse ski god (huh?) who is on an undersized ski, or a bad skier who subjects his stuff to craaaaaaaahhhhp.

I have about 15 days on my m88s and haven't had a single problem. what were you doing when your two pair broke, westy?
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Originally Posted by uncle crud
...a burly ski god
HighwayStar imput badly needed here...
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Take it with a grain of salt.

Case in point.....I have a set of Volkl Mantras. Was skiing Crested Butte a few weeks back and got to talking with a patroller on the lift. Told me the Mantras are "crap" because two guys he know broke them hucking off cliffs at Crested Butte. Since I've heard or read of no other durability concerns with that ski I chuck the Mantra's "problems" to crap technique and using the ski for unintended use. If you know Crested Butte then you know that there are PLENTY of places where it would be quite easy to break a ski.
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I had the im88 for a short period of time. Great ski and they seemed to be very well built... better than most skis. No issues. I didn't have them long enough to question durability.

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First pair the side wall had a single crack due faulty manufacturing.

Second pair had a double cracked side wall that led to the edge being compressed in, possible happened taking airs but not anything over the top.

I weigh 77kg (170) 173cm (5'8) both pairs were 175cm. Tried the 186cm version liked it but found it wasn't as a good all rounder for someone my size.

Had I hit a rock I would expect the ski blow/crack etc.... but in my case both issues had nothing to do with hitting anything. The manufacturer has admitted to my rep in Chamonix that the 2005/2006 model has had issues which have been fixed for the 2006/2007 line.

I am yet to get my third pair which will be 2006/2007 model.

However, I am considering changing them for the MOJO in 186cm as it supposed to be a tougher ski. Has anyone here had a go both the MOJO and the 88, if so what are the main differences that you found.
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westy - where were the sidewall problems? under foot? elsewhere? just want to know so I can watch mine.

I've been thinking of using mine for AT and it helps to hear about durability issues. did your Chamonix rep say what was the issue with the few pairs that had problems? something like the sidewall material being defective, perhaps?
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Yes, as of this weekend. Cracked about 8" at the sidewall in the tail, core is paritally cracked, core is delamed from the top and bottom metal and fiberglass sheet. Maybe I'll post some pics. I cracked a sidewall a couple months ago, it was clear impact damage. This was not - just overstressed. Housemate has a pair also, I just pointed out to him that both his skis were delamming at the edged.
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my apologies. I read your original post hastily and didn't realize that YOU were the one with multiple problems. My reading comprehension skills need a bit of work.
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Both times the issue with the sidewall has been under foot. The rep didn't say much else other than there have been maunfacturing issues which have been sorted out for the 06/07 model.

My rep has the same ski and has had them all season with no issues with his.

I admit that I do ski hard on my skis as I tend to ski very fast but still they should be able to deal with that kind of stress especially a sandwich construction that is aimed at the skiers who enjoy to ski very fast.

I do like this ski a lot but I am a bit put off with the issues I have had which is why I might exchange them for the Mojo but I haven't been able to test a pair.

I have heard good things about them, a guy I know has a mate who is sponsored by Head and this is the ski he raves on about most of all in their range.
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I smashed in part of the edge on mine in the tail of one of the skis. It's clearly impact damage of some sort that I got at the ESA, but I can't fathom where or how it happened. It wasn't a hard enough blow that I noticed it as I didn't find it until I was checking over them at the end of the day.
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