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looking to build ultimate ski arsenal

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I am 6'2 200lbs. I ski in the east, poconos, vermont and new York. I am a level 8 skiier. i am looking for a nastar ski, a cruiser ski for Vermont and New York, and something that would be fun in the poconos. I have skiied the k2 Public Enemy this year and had fun and beat it up. I have demoed the Z9 in a 170 and thought it was awesome, I have demoed the Metron B5 and also a great ski as was the SXb5 and recon. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know there are many experts in this forum and would appreciate any and all advice. By the way I ski mostly the groomers and occasionally some trees and bumps. thanks again for your cooperation. My wife will divorce me if I buy all of the skis i want.
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My wife told me... if I come home with one more pair of skis she's going to leave me. Im shure gonna miss that woman

Im also 6'2 200lbs and ski east..... Finland. Im strong level 9 they say, part time ski instructor and do master racing for the first time this year. I used to get away with just one pair of skis but nowadays racing requres basicly two pair, one for GS and one for SL. Those two pairs also come in handy on groomers so they should be in every self respecting skiers lineup. Carving is soo much fun with proper race carvers, any brand. On my last trips to the Alps I only took with me my 165cm Head iSL RD's and skied them on groomers, in powder, bumps, windblown crust and trees. If I had taken my 177cm overcut Head iRace GS skis Im shure I would have managed but they feel much more clumsy in bumps and fast GS carving on steeper terrain is sort of out of the question due to massive crowds.

My ultimate ski arsenal:
1. 165cm FIS SL racing skis (race stock) for racing and carving on groomers.
2. 175-185cm overcut r=16-19m GS carvers or cross skis for GS and speed.
3. 175-185cm wide underfoot floaters for powder
4. 170cm twintip for spring, park, teaching, cource checking etc.

My ultimate ski though is:
1. 165cm FIS SL race stock sandwich construction.
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6-1 225lb here. My quiver, which I am real pleased with, consists of:

Fischer RX-8 180cm -- athletic hardpack/groomed carver skis
Elan M666 184cm midfat -- all mountain do it all skis, crud busters
Volkl Karma 185cm wide twintip -- excellent in powder and soft/spring snow, all around fun skis
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Hmmm, I won't be happy until I get one of every ski model in every size from every year...THAT would be the ultimate!

Err..Make it TWO pair, just in case I hit a rock or such
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I've on my way to the same skiis as you. I currently have the Karma and Dynastar 8000 and was thinking about an RX-8. Do you find you use the carver enough to justify ownong given how well good mid-fats ski?

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