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Hotform vs Ultrafit

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Does anyone have an opinion on which Tecnica liner is better: the Hotform with its customizable features plus the convenience of a warmer/ drier or the Ultrafit?
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Don't waste your time with the hotform...it isn't worth the extra $100 you pay for it. If you can get the Hiperfit, it is a much better liner. If not, Ultrafit should do the trick!
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What if I can get it for the same price?
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I do not like the "hotform" liners at all. Go with the ultrafit liners.
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Originally Posted by cantman

If you can get the Hiperfit, it is a much better liner.
What is 'Hiperfit'?
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Tecnica has at least a few models with this type of foam (Hiperfit) in their liners. (some of the Diablo's and some of the Vento's) It will heat mold plus take a compression mold of your foot. Nothing special but Hiperfit feels better than hotform. Tecnica markets its' "Hiperfit" material as their "top of the line" non Hotform liner material. Ultrafit falls (I think) next in line for the liner material. You'll probably see "Hotform" liners fall out of the North American line soon.
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I'm looking into a Diablo Flame which comes only into Ultrafit or Hotform. So sounds like between the two and considering there is no Hiperfit Hot form is better, is that correct? Could you expand a bit on why you think Hotform is inferior?
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The "Hotform" liners use a foam that has little to no elasticity when coupled up with their outer covering. Also, the "Hotform" heating assembly is made of a heavy cloth material with the wires sewn to them. This combination makes these areas very hard and unelastic.
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