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Seeking Information about Mount Hood Race Camps for Kids.

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My Daughter is involved in our local ski racing organization here in the Midwest. She enjoys competing at the local level and wants to hone her skills and move to the next level. She has expressed the desire to attend a race camp in Mount Hood this summer. She is 10 years old and has no trouble traveling by herself and would have no issues with home sickness or the like. I was all set to sign her up when some of the other parents warned me to research the camp options carefullly due to the following concerns:

1) Will she get the attention she needs if she is not the "Hot Shot " racer in the group?

2) Is there adequate supervision to ensure that she will be safe?

3) Is the level of instruction worth the basicly $1000 a week per child?

I would love to hear from anyone who knows about these camps or who has sent their childred.

I was also made aware of some family camps where the parents could come along. Unfortunately for us, we would not be able to afford the time away from work during the summer.

Thanks in advance to all who respond.
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If you don't get a reply here, you might try posting under the family section or the ski instruction/technique section too.
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I live here but have no knowledge of the camps. Maybe someone who has will see this and respond? best of luck.
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Many years ago, just out of being a junior racer, I did the Hurricane Camp (Hurricane is based in the midwest). Until a few other college people showed up I was the oldest camper, but I think I can fully recommend it for your junior (assuming it's still substantially the same).
There weren't really big name coaches, which I think is good because you're not paying for a name, but they were very good, from Dartmouth and KMS, plus the Hurricane guys.
So if she wants to do it, I'd say go. It's a plus for racing, and it's fun to ski in the summer.
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I've only sent my daughter to camps along with other members of her team, so can't comment on the "commercial" camps. I do think there is value in sending them to camps without the same coaches they have in the winter, but could never convince her of that as she was nuts about her normal coaches the last two times. That was not the case when we lived back East, but she was much younger then and I was unwilling to send her across country with people I didn't know on the other end.

A lot of the value of the summer camps can be impacted heavily by snow conditions, so earlier is better. When we lived in the East, she didn't get out of school soon enough to get to the camps while the snow was anything but slush. We then moved west where schools get out sooner. Even then, last year the conditions were so borderline, that a lot of camps moved their dates earlier, leading to long lifts line even during the early June session. One day she only got two runs in!

All times the lodging was basic basic basic. Supervision is all over the map, IMHO, no matter what they say in their brochures. At ten years of age, I'd be going with my kid if you had any worries there.

I think most of the camps cater towards younger skiers. Now that my daughter is older, she doesn't think she is getting the value that she used to, so this summer she is not going.

I've heard good things about MHSSC and NASC in terms of their instruction.
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My son is going for the "Bumps & Jumps" session at the end of June.
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Skiing is limited to the mornings - the summer sun makes for tough conditions for the racing lanes (although the freestylers like it!). Your child WILL have MANY hours of time for activities off of the hill. Any good program will be able to give you an itinerary of off-hill activities for the children. Some camps do all "fun" things (swimming, white water rafting, etc); some camps do all dry land training. Most camps do a combination.

Look at HOW your child will be supervised when not on the hill. Some camps are close to Guvvie and some allow their kids to go to town with little or no supervision.

Ask about the lodging arrangements. How many kids / room? How many bathrooms / kid? Is the lodging separated by gender? If so, are the adults/counselors of the same gender?

How close is the lodge to Mt. Hood? What does the daily schedule look like?

Lastly, if you are considering sending your child for summer training, it ultimately boils down to the quality of the coaching. Look long and hard at the roster of coaches, and ask HOW the children are assigned to coaches. Some camps will spend an entire day on snow simply evaluating the kids so that they can be assigned to the proper level coaches. Your 5 day camp has now become a 4 day camp. That is one of the disadvantages to "new" coaches.

And yes, my son is asking to go out to Hood again this summer...
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My daughter has attended camp for several years, but she started in high school. The coaching is worth the $800. My kid did have 1 yr where the coach was only interested in the top boys, however I don't believe that coach came back. The years since thern have been great.

I'm not sure about the young kids, but the older ones in high school have the run of Govy, however the counselors are posted around Government Camp to make sure the kids don't get into trouble. All of the ski equipment reps are in Govy and you can demo anything your little heart desires. The equipment is also discounted. The coaches teach them to ski in the morning, the counselors are college kids or adults who do the supervision of the kids and and run the afternoon camp.

One of the families on my daughter's team went along with their kid but they stayed at the lodge and their kid stayed at the camp.

You can request a video or call if your interested or email them with any questions. I'd email them and ask exactly how many kids they usually have who are her age. FYI...last year, the mom of one young boy sent him off to camp with a huge bag of chocolate chip cookies and was told to give a cookie to every single kid at camp. He did and the result was all the big kids looked out for him.
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The summer camps/race schools (there's a few of them) are coordinated through Timberline Lodge (www.timberlinedlodge.com) and usually take place near the Palmer chair at Timberline.

Call 503-231-5402 or email: skischool@timberlinelodge.com

This years conditions should be the best in years for the summer camps.
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