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Flagstaff AZ / Snowbowl

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Snowbowl opened a few days ago in Flagstaff, AZ. The website shows 15 inch base, (ugh) and only opened halfway up the mountain. Just wondering if anyone had been there the last couple days.



how do you open a ski resort with a 15 inch base?
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15 inches is certainly skiable, especially when they've been in a drought for the first three months of the season with nothing at all.

By the way dwoof2, are you a regular out there? What's the status with snowmaking?
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I believe the Indian & conservation groups have one more appeal, although it looks like thy will lose again. Snowmaking is going to happen, but they have to lay 15 miles of pipe up the mountain - it'll still be several years before it works.

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Just got back, my first day up this season. Conditions are amazing considering the 21-30" base they are reoprting after another 6-8" last night. Glad I took the rock skis as I caught a few. But suprisingly everything is skiable right now. A couple runs are closed but even they were getting poached and were skiable. Props to the grooming crew. Rocks were becoming an issuse by afternoon on Ridge, the primary feeder run down from the top. Praying for another 5" tonight...or off to Telluride.

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