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tahoe bait/switch warning

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Buyer beware weekend story entitled "house of skam":

I know what skis, the size, and bindings I want, and naturally look for a package. Call several shops, find one which says they have it - quote a package price including free tuneups and discounts - I double check the model, give credit card # etc. to hold. Drive up there and guess what?

They don't have the bindings I want - they want to sell me other bindings, a whole load of which they have. They say "bindings are bindings". The salesperson I talked to was at lunch, I wait an hour, they're still at lunch. I offer to look for the right bindings, so long as they would honor their package price. They say they'll think about it. I find them at another shop, they say no, they want more money cause its not a package, no free tuneups, and I'm wasting their time (gee, did they drive 90 minutes to meet me? - and there were 6 employees and 1 customer in the shop, me). The "manager" adds "this is a really hot ski and someone will buy it", "if you want to wait for the owner, he'll call in around 5". Right.

I don't think so. They were offering them for $70 bucks more than the resort, which is throwing in a set of less expensive bindings for free. I just wanted a particular combination I couldn't find there.

Happy ending is I called another shop on other side of lake, got quoted equivalent price, drove there and they had it all - plus a mob of customers.
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What shop lied to you?
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Always, and I mean ALWAYS, name the shop or company which did you bad when relating a story like this.

Years ago it was a rule of thumb that a dissatisfied customer would tell 7 potential customers of a dissatisfying relationship with a store, and a satisfied customer would tell only 3 of their good relationship. The moral was the store needed to maximize satisfied customers and minimize dissatisfied ones.

Today that has changed. With the stoke of a key you can tell thousands of people the good or bad experiences you have with retailers. Do it. The most noble thing you can do is warn people of bad customer service and place retailers on notice that you will not take bad treadment. Afterall next year do you want the "good" store or the "bad" store to be in business?

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House of Ski
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If house of ski was the culprit, who was the shop who you bought the skis from eventually? What skis were they, etc? What bindings did you want, what did they offer you?

This is actually very important to me...

Do you mean house of ski on kingsbury grade?

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Well sanchez:

I'll let you know, simply because I'm so curious as to why this would be personally important...so please post a reply:

It is indeed House of Ski on Kingsbury Grade.

I wanted R614 bindings and 170 cm R11 skis. These bindings somewhat match the color of the skis. They offered 539 for the skis and 209 for the bindings, 3 free tuneups, assembly, and waxing.

I wanted a particular binding and ski, not anything else. That's why I called, and checked a second time, before driving 100 miles...and they knew this before I left and when I arrived. I gave credit card and phone information to hold the items.

They offered to put on different bindings, which I did not want, or to charge me $30 more for the skis, and $29 more for assembly, if I bought bindings elsewhere. A tech offered to throw in a couple tuneups, at which point I told him they had already offered me that by phone. Later, after contacting the manager by phone, he offered to "waive" the "assembly charge", which I was never told about in the original quote, and said nothing about the tuneups. It did not matter to them that it was their fault that an employee of theirs had me come up for bindings they did not have.

I hope this is enough information about this unseemly experience. As per the other shop, they sold the skis for a similar price - perhaps a few dollars lower or higher. I did not wager with them or relate the experience. I simply bought it for the quoted price. I would prefer not to mention names, as it associates them with an entirely unseemly experience. It could have been worse, had I been suckered into buying something I didn't want. But that's not me. Had I been an employee at the shop, and would have made the mistake in inventory, I would have or sold the skis they had, with the services offered (free assembly, 3 free tuneups), at the quoted price, especially after I had located the bindings in town. That was the only decent thing to do.

Instead, they tried to sell me something else, deny the services offered, and get more money from me. They clearly weren't interested in my business.

Why is it so important to you? :
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oh yeah:

for what its worth, they offered me a bunch of race614 bindings (red, 5 mm more lift, perhaps other tech differences), or R412 bindings (weaker spring, lacks protective metal on heelplate and around toe screw, etc.).
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